Reliable, Safe, Simple, Leak-proof

Introducing the KM1516LF for LOW FLOW pumping applications. 
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Ansimag KM - Ideal For:                           Typical Solutions:                

  • Chemical Injection
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Wet Scrubbing
  • Metal Plating
  • Steel Pickling
  • Acids
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Solvents







Only Eight Wetted Parts:

Built For Reliability

Designed For Reliability:

-- Rigid ductile iron exterior for metal pump toughness

-- Fully supported, large diameter, shaft for ZERO shaft deflection (even at low flow)

-- Silicon Carbide Bearings for maintenance free operation

-- Oversized thrust rings to handle off duty operation

-- Single, oversized, static O-ring for casing sealing

-- No barbs or retaining rings used to hold parts in place


Built For Performance:

-- Synchronous “mag drive” coupling for zero slip operation

-- Closed Impeller design for maximum hydraulic efficiency and low NPSHr

-- Kevlar® composite containment shell to withstand high operating pressure

-- Patented Sundyne diffuser technology for more controlled operation at low flow


Standard Features and Benefits:

-- Sealless design for ZERO seal leakage

-- ETFE or PFA (non-metallic) lining for universal chemical compatibility

-- Heavy Duty construction with a compact, close coupled footprint

-- Universal Flanges designed to work with ANSI, DIN and JIS flange connections

-- Powder Coated metal surfaces for maximum protection from external elements

-- Made in the USA


Built For Low Cost of Ownership:

Non-Metallic containment shell for maximum sealless pump efficiency

Close Coupled, “Sub-ANSI”, configuration ... priced right!

Simple Construction for easy maintenance (only 8 wetted parts)