Power Control Monitor – The Best Way To Protect Your Pump

Pump shutdowns can be costly, not only in repair costs but also from loss of product and revenue.  Power Monitoring is one of the best ways to protect your pump from not only shutdown, but also system upset damage and equipment failure.


What Is A Power Control Monitor?

The PCM is a device that senses true power input and so almost all pumping conditions that typically damage pumps can be detected quickly and ultimately avoided. It is installed in line with the motor driver of a pump or other rotating equipment.


What Does A Power Monitor Detect?

  • Dry-running
  • High Flow / End-of-Curve
  • Low Flow / Back-of-Curve
  • Jammed Impeller
  • Increased Viscosity / Precipitation
  • Severe Cavitation
  • Deadhead / Closed Discharged Valve
  • Decoupling (Magnetic Drive Pumps)

Advantages & Benefits of Power Monitoring

Power Monitoring has clear advantages over current or amperage monitoring since the input power varies linearly across the entire motor load range unlike current monitoring where the current is almost constant up to 50% of the motor load range, which makes it very difficult to detect changes below 50%.

The Power Control Monitor is therefore, an extremely reliable and accurate detector of system changes and as such most pumping condition changes will be seen in input power fluctuations. The benefits include:

  • Virtually eliminates pump damage due to system upsets
  • Significantly reduces spare parts costs
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces service costs
  • Eliminates extra component and installation costs
  • Isolates dangerous high voltage exposure for workers
  • Provides feedback for troubleshooting operational problems



A Power Control Monitor will certainly protect your rotating equipment investment, minimising costly pump shutdowns and reducing your operating costs.  For more information, please call us on +44 (0)1323 452154 or email;

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GT Pumps – Small Sealless Pumps that are Big on Performance


Our General Transfer pumps definitely deliver in terms of versatility and value.

The GT pump has been specifically designed as a compact, cost-effective and minimum maintenance pump. It is sized below ASME / ISO dimensions and its features make it one of the most highly competitive pumps in its class. It delivers with simplicity of maintenance, space-saving design and interchangeability.

GT pumps benefits include:

  • Sealless – total product containment
  • Compact, modular/interchangeable design
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Minimal downtime/ Maximum uptime
  • Casing gasket fully confined to eliminate ‘blowout’ risk
  • A choice of ANSI and DIN flanges

The pumps are offered with a range of Synchronous Magnet Drives rated to match prime mover performance and are of close-coupled construction and can be supplied free standing or baseplate mounted. There is maximum interchangeability between spare parts and with cartridge assemblies available, the rotating elements can be replaced quickly and economically.

GT pumps can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +260°C / -40°F to +500°F.

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Ultra Safe Pumps with Secondary Containment

Sealless, magnetic drive pumps are safe, very safe in fact, but if further protection is required, in order to be ultra-safe, secondary containment is the design option of choice.

Our latest video explains how secondary containment works in much more detail so take a look and find out why HMD Kontro Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps are trusted to be ultra-safe for a wide variety of hazardous, flammable, toxic and explosive liquids.

For further information about how secondary containment can work for you, why not book a discussion with the experts at HMD Kontro or our relevant Channel Partner.

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Safe & Efficient Transfer of Dangerous Substances in Chemical Applications

By definition, the production of chemicals means that a lot of liquids need to be pumped around a plant presenting risks to the health and safety of both personnel and the environment.

Sealless magnetic drive pumps from HMD Kontro are designed to prevent leaks of hazardous and valuable fluids and they can handle such fluids as chlor-alkali, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilisers. Our sealless magnetic drive pumps meet the exacting standards of ASME and ISO regulations and can cope with high temperatures, high pressures and volatile substances associated with chemical pump applications including toxic, fine, corrosive, carcinogenic and aggressive liquids.

If you need more information about our pumps for your chemical plant and the pump that is most suited to your application, please download our chemical brochure or call our experts on +44 (0)1323 452154 or email us