ZeroLoss® For Maximum Gain

Composite Containment Shells for Sealless Pumps

Improved efficiency and reduced pump life cycle costs are just two of the benefits of the revolutionary ZeroLoss® containment shell, which is constructed from an engineered composite.

Eddy current heating is a common issue with sealless rotating equipment and the ZeroLoss® shell works to eliminate this in an HMD Kontro magnetic drive pump, providing significant cost savings, increased safety and environmental benefits.


Zeroloss Shell


ZeroLoss® Shell Benefits

The ZeroLoss® containment shell is engineered from a proprietary material, which was originally developed for use in the construction of modern, high-tech aircraft. This low mass material blend offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Higher efficiency ratings and lower operational costs
  • Potential to reduce motor size and space savings
  • Improved handling of liquefied gases and heat sensitive liquids
  • More robustness in closed discharge conditions
  • Greater tolerance of partial dry run conditions
  • Resistance to a wide range of chemicals

To discover more of the benefits of the ZeroLoss® Containment Shell, please visit:

Thinking Sealless – Process Industry Informer Podcast

Process Industry Informer is a leading magazine for managers and process engineers working in the chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and utilities industries.  They run an active podcast channel.  In a recent episode David Clark, our Senior Engineering Manager, discusses the evolution of magnetic drive sealless pumps, from their introduction by HMD Kontro over seventy years ago to the very latest developments and materials that are driving the industry forward.

Thinking Sealless Pumps Podcast

He reports how a step-change in design, driven by technology advances and innovative materials has seen the emergence of a new level of agility and flexibility while future-proofing products against ever-more stringent regulations.

The topics included in the podcast

  • Industry compliance – meeting ASME/ISO/API standards
  • Innovations including new bearing technology and use of composites
  • CSA/CSI launch – a complete redesign to meet current and future needs
  • The necessity to get products to the market more quickly
  • Future requirements for sealless magnetic drive pumps
  • Greener production – energy efficient savings of 15-20%

HMD Kontro has always been at the forefront of innovation, which is aimed at delivering what the industry needs. These include:

  • New bearing technology and use of composites:  The last ten years has seen the advent of new materials including composites to increase the efficiency and reduce the heat being put into pumps to increase their overall robustness.
  • Silicon carbide and ceramic matrix composites:  Silicon carbide has been used for over twenty years. However, over the last five years, there has been a move to use ceramic matrix composites as an alternative. This further improves the robustness of the pump.
  • PEEK composite materials:  HMD Kontro produced the ZeroLoss containment shell made from PEEK composite materials almost ten years ago. This provides a more efficient and robust alternative to traditional metallic containment shells.

The CSA/CSI Launch – A complete redesign to meet current and future needs

The catalyst for change and the development of the new range was aftermarket feedback and user comments combined with many years of experience. This led to the complete redesign of an existing product to meet current and future industry needs, involving going back to the drawing board as just a product ‘refresh’ was not going to go far enough.

A complete rethink was needed, resulting in the incorporation of the best of existing pump knowledge combined with new materials, technologies and insights. The result is a range of highly flexible pumps, which are totally configurable with the end user receiving delivery of pumps quickly, often within days.

The pumps can be brought to the market faster thanks to a modular design and configured kits of parts, allowing maximum flexibility in specification and interchangeability to minimise stockholding and to deliver shorter lead times.

Greener production

At the same time, new approaches and materials have been harnessed to improve energy efficiency by 15-20% combined with the peace of mind from total containment, as well as assisting in predicating performance issues.

How does the future look for sealless magnetic drive pumps?

There is more and more acceptance of the magnetic drive sealless pump and the future will see a demand for larger pumps with parts such as internal bearings needing to be bigger and this will demand investigation of further alternative bearing materials.  Containment shell technology is seeing more acceptance, including ZeroLoss and non-metallic shells. It is expected that HMD Kontro will continue to innovate and move the industry forwards.


To listen to the podcast, please visit:

Sundyne Sealless Technology Online Event

Sundyne Sealless Technology Online Event

November 11th 2-3pm

Mat Gilman, our Area Sales Manager for the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia is organising an online event featuring Sundyne Sealless Technology.  Key topics to be covered will include:

  • The basic operation of a magnetic drive pump
  • HMD Kontro and Ansimag pump design basics
  • Applications for sealless pumps in chemical and industrial

You can request to attend the event by visiting this link.

Think Sealless – WHAT is a Sealless Pump?

Essentially, sealless pumps are centrifugal pumps without packed glands or seals. Instead of a seal, there is a static containment shell or shroud, which forms a completely sealed liquid end or pressure boundary.

Prime mover energy is transmitted to the sealed liquid end by a bank of external magnets, which pass force through the containment shell to the inner magnets attached to the impeller shaft, meaning there is no risk of leaks or emissions.

Sealless v Sealed Pumps

It’s necessary to understand what a mechanical seal is to differentiate between the two types of pump. Mechanical seals are designed to maintain their sealing capability by leaking small amounts of fluid in order to keep the seal faces lubricated.

Mechanical seals are widely regarded as the weakest point in any pumping system. In fact, they account for 80% of all pump failures, with the remainder being leakage through static seals such as gaskets or O Rings and bearing failure.

Seals, like bearings, will ultimately wear and, as they wear, the seal faces lose their effectiveness and liquid loss through the seal increases. These fugitive emissions can be costly, resulting in lost time and money, as well as reduced worksite and environmental safety.

WHAT makes a HMD Kontro Sealless Pump different?

  • Welded metal containment shell to ASME VIII pressure vessel standards
  • Optional ZeroLoss® shell. To improve efficiency and reduce life cycle costs
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts for smooth operation and longevity
  • Modular cartridge construction reducing maintenance time
  • Many common components reducing spare part inventory
  • Fully encapsulated outer magnet ring for protection and easy cleaning

How HMD Kontro can help you with your pump requirements

HMD Kontro has a comprehensive range of magnetic drive sealless pumps designed to perform in most climate extremes and in many applications to help you revolutionise your process workflow.  To find out more please click here.

It Can Take The Heat! The CS Sealless Pump For Heat Transfer in Hot Oil Systems

A Unique Sealless Pump for Heat Transfer in Hot Oil Systems

Isolating the pump from the heat source has usually been essential in a hot oil system.  However, thanks to its unique torque ring, our CS pump requires no cooling fluids or heat exchangers during operation.

The CS Sealless Pump is the perfect choice

The pump is totally self-venting and the magnetic coupling is immersed in the hot oil. Not only that, the torque ring design offers a built-in soft start for viscous liquids, and the energy created adds to the efficiency of the system.

Simple to operate and maintain, cost-effective to run and capable of operating up to 350°C / 660°F without cooling as standard (a 450°C/842°F option is available on request), this all makes the HMD Kontro CS sealless pump the ideal choice.

Benefits of the CS Pump

  • Ideal for heat transfer liquids
  • Sealless design provides total product containment
  • No product cooling required for temperatures up to 350°C / 660°F as standard
  • One fully confined Casing Gasket to eliminate ‘blowout’ risk
  • Built-in soft start feature, which is ideal for viscous start up

In addition, the torque ring drive positively contributes to the efficiency of the hot oil system and the CS can also be used in toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallising and high value processes.

Now with Longer MTBF for Increased Operational Efficiency

The recent upgrade of the outer magnet ring (OMR) on the CS range now offers significant additional advances in magnetic coupling robustness, leading to increased MTBF (mean time between failure), reduced downtime / increased uptime and increased operational efficiency.

The OMR upgrade maintains similar performance and maintains reliability

The retro-fittable OMR provides shielded magnets that retain the same level of performance and eliminate any potential for damage.  The new OMR has improved cyclic thermal duty whilst the identical coupling power produced means that the upgrade maintains similar performance to maintain reliability.

The encapsulated magnets on the OMR are made of samarium cobalt and have increased resistance in corrosive applications.  They also provide higher efficiency by reducing slip and improved reliability because no tie bolts are used in the retention of the magnets.

To see more about the case for the sealless CS, click here:



Get The Know How – Guide To Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

Download a copy of our recently updated guide to the Know How surrounding sealless pumps. They have always had significant benefits, especially thanks to the absolute absence of leaks or emissions. However, these are now coming further to the fore due to recent and more stringent environmental, health and safety requirements. For the Guide to Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps click here.

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

In these days of increasing EHS concerns, and the resulting legislation and litigation, leakages of process product can cause significant problems. Damage can be caused not only to personnel and property onsite, but also to reputations, plus also the loss of production uptime and valuable productivity.

Choose the safe option – a sealless magnetic drive pump

Unlike pumps that include a mechanical seal, which is designed to leak a little for lubrication, but which could also fail, a sealless pump is the safe option. With a sealless pump, the product is completely contained at all times with no potential for leaks, no escapes to the atmosphere, no emissions, no health issues, no safety concerns and no environmental hazards. No How!

A virtual lack of maintenance and repair meaning less downtime

A further advantage of the sealless pump is the almost complete lack of maintenance and repair required. Not only does this reduce the work and requirement for routine and replacement parts, it also eliminates the associated downtime.

Sealless pumps are now an option on new applications

You may be surprised. The capabilities and operating parameters for sealless pumps may well now be much higher than you think. As a result, they are finding many new applications and are often being used on installations where traditional mechanical sealed pumps would be first considered.

Download Your Guide To Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps

As the instigators of the sealless pump concept, HMD Kontro have an unparalleled understanding of the magnetic drive process and its benefits. As a result, we have recently updated our Know-How Guide that explains these savings in further detail.

Download a copy today by clicking here.

WHY You Should Think Sealless And Choose A Sealless Pump?

It’s simple to see WHY you should choose a sealless pump over a sealed version. Among the reasons are the 5 S’s, relating to Savings, Safety, Skills, Standards and Solutions.

Sealless Savings: Cost savings can be made at every stage of your project from design, engineering, procurement, installation, documentation and commissioning. It’s easy to see how quicker completion times mean earlier plant utilisation. And those savings continue once your sealless pumps are up and running. With magnetic drive pumps, you will also benefit from less maintenance, longer mean time between failures (MTBF) and a more rapid return to operation, which all contributes to enhanced profitability and margins.

Sealless Safety: Health and safety is at the top of everyone’s list and it includes keeping all personnel safe who are involved in operations. Also it is essential to minimise the impact of manufacturing and other operations on both the local and wider environment from a legal and moral standpoint. Sealless pumps are completely self-contained with the containment shell providing a complete mechanical barrier, preventing leaks, escapes and emissions.

Sealless Skills: People are an expensive commodity and need to be employed to best effect. Sealless pumps save on staff costs and time due to the simplicity of the design, the ease of commissioning and the minimal maintenance requirement. This all means fewer people are needed and significantly less specialist skills are required leading to reduced training and employment costs.

Sealless Standards: All pumps have to conform to the relevant international standards including API, ASME, ANSI, and/or ISO. By installing sealless pumps from HMD Kontro, you know that compliance is guaranteed. The manufacturing and design of our pumps is also fully in accordance with ISO 9001. We ensure the stringent quality management and health & safety standards are met in order that your sealless pumps deliver consistent performance and to this end, we are continually identifying and implementing improvements.

Sealless Solutions: Sealless magnetic drive pumps are the solution to provide you with complete peace of mind. Pumps without seals do not need seal support systems, meaning there is no risk of seal failure and leaks and emissions are eliminated. Sealless pumps are kinder to the environment and safer for operators. Maintenance is considerably reduced with the mean time between failure (MTBF) for magnetic drive sealless pumps typically three times longer than for mechanically sealed pumps.

Ground breaking innovation and technical advances since 1947

Since we developed the first sealless magnetic drive pump in 1947, ground-breaking at that time in pump and fluid handling technology, we have continued to be at the forefront of innovation and technological development. Our pumps can be seen throughout the world in many industries including chemical, power, oil & gas, water & waste, pharmaceutical and general industry.

Contact HMD Kontro to choose a sealless pump

If you are looking for pumps without problems, sealless magnetic drive pumps really are the Solution. So Why Not choose a pump that doesn’t leak? Please click here to learn more or contact us for more information.

Safety First as Office Staff are Back in the Building!

Having operated throughout the lockdown period, our EHS Manager, David Watson, has been busy ensuring that the working environment at HMD Kontro is as safe as possible for the phased return of office staff to our Eastbourne headquarters. It’s definitely safety first as office staff come back to work.

All of the teams, including the manufacturing crews, are in their own ‘work bubbles’ and have a shift rotation system for the canteen including breaks and mealtimes. A new canteen, so that office and manufacturing staff have their own dedicated facilities is now fully operational.

Staff safety measures in place at HMD Kontro now include:

  • COVID-19 signage according to directives
  • Hand sanitiser stations at all entrances
  • Screens installed between desks and work stations
  • Enhanced cleaning programmes
  • ‘Clean as you go’ for all multiple use surfaces
  • 2 metre social distancing wherever possible
  • 1 way system in the canteen and other areas
  • Grabber for opening and closing doors

Safety notices are refreshed frequently

Safety signage is frequently being changed and updated with the EHS department working closely within PHE directives. Signage is continually being refreshed with new information so that staff members are constantly being reminded of the safety directives in place, which is considered vital so that staff do not become complacent.

‘Clean As You Go’ for all multiple use surfaces

 Areas with a high footfall such as the photocopier and water stations have cleaning materials adjacent so that they can be cleaned before and after use. An enhanced cleaning programme has also been implemented whereby there are two more thorough cleaning practices for multiple use areas including the canteen.

 The Raptor Claw – For safe door opening and closing

 As an added extra action, all staff have been equipped with a unique grabber, which conveniently attaches to their work lanyards and can be used to open doors and switch lights on and off. It’s being affectionately labelled as the ‘Raptor Claw’ by the staff, but it means door handles etc. do not have to be touched, thereby helping to prevent the spread of infection.

Gradual return of staff to the office

The phased return, with most staff expected to be back working in the office by mid October, begins with an orientation session with the EHS department. This goes through actions implemented for the team’s safety, including the rota system for the canteen, the one-way system and basic hygiene including frequent hand washing and sanitising.

GSPVS – Reaching Parts Other Magnetic Drive Pumps Cannot!

GSPVS Pump and Cutaway diagram


Designed for use on tank farms for fuel transfer, as well as in tank applications at oil and gas refineries, chemical and petrochemical processing plants etc, the GSPVS pump meets the requirements of API 685 (as applicable to this style of pump) and is fully ATEX compliant.

The GSPVS pump comes in a compact package with all the benefits of a magnetic drive pump

The vertically mounted GSPVS pump provides all of the benefits of a magnetic drive pump in a compact package, using fewer parts with no seal systems for reduced cost operation. Composed of modules which can be joined to reach a total assembly length up to five metres, the GSPVS is mounted on a base available to ANSI B16.5 or to customer specific requirements, including lifting points as standard. The modular construction uses a flexible jaw coupling to join drive shafts and to absorb misalignment, decreasing vibration and increasing life expectancy.

Maximised seal and lubrication life

Greased for life ball bearings are used along the column, removing the need for lubricating or cooling the intermediate sleeve bearings using system fluid. The use of labyrinth bearing seals and a suction strainer avoids external contamination to maximise seal and lubrication life.

Looking after the safety of personnel

The GSPVS utilises over thirty years’ experience in API applications and over a seventy year heritage in magnetic drive technology at HMD Kontro. With stricter demands for the safety and welfare of both personnel and the environment being imposed, sealless pumps are playing an increasingly important role.

For more information, click here.

Think Sealless – HOW You Can Save Money by Using Magnetic Drive Sealless Pumps

It’s not difficult to see how you can save money by using magnetic drive sealless pumps. You can expect savings from concept to completion of your project and beyond in the areas of capital outlay, installation, documentation, project management and, importantly, operating costs.

They require minimal maintenance and monitoring and, because of their modular construction, servicing onsite is easy and straightforward. You won’t need any special tools for maintenance, and the stock of spare parts and inventory is reduced due to common components, resulting in lower operational costs.

Lower service and maintenance costs

It’s easy for pump service and maintenance costs to mount up, but magnetic drive pumps from HMD Kontro have a simple design and no complex seals or sealing systems to support, meaning maintenance is kept to a minimum. In addition, the pumps can be repaired onsite and the cartridge can be replaced in just 20 minutes using basic tools.

Benefits in terms of savings

  • Greater automation and less demand on staff time
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • No repair or replacement of seals and bearings
  • One self-contained cartridge assembly for easy servicing
  • MTBF is typically 3x that of sealed pumps

The right choice for more reasons than the lifetime cost

All in all, there are substantial savings with sealless magnetic drive pumps in terms of reduced servicing, their diversity in terms of what can be pumped, and reduced demands on staff time. By design, sealless technology is the right choice for situations involving high temperatures, high pressures and volatile substances.

Think Sealless – To find out how, please click here.

The (Multi) Stage is Set For the Space and Cost Saving GSPX Pump

High head performance is delivered with this easy to install and compactly packaged pump. The GSPX is a General Service Petroleum Oil & Gas sealless magnetic drive pump built to API 685 specifications.

A multi-stage derivative of the GSP range, the GSPX is a leak-free pump for safe and efficient high-differential pressure operations, suitable for petrochemical processing, petroleum production and refining, offshore oil and chemical processing applications. It is typically used for handling hazardous and valuable hydrocarbons and chemicals in toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallising and high value processes.

Total product containment is ensured with the sealless design and you are guaranteed convenience and reduced spare parts holding due to the pump’s interchangeable components and commonality with the GSP range. The GSPX is also available in a range of materials including bespoke engineered options so that your multi-stage pump can be tailored to your specific application requirements.

Benefits of the HMD Kontro GSPX Pump include:

  • Multiple inline stages in an end-suction configuration
  • Compact package and easy plant installation
  • BB5 barrel style design
  • API compliant with no tie bolts
  • Interchangeable parts for reduced inventory
  • Based on the proven Frame 2 magnetic drive pump
  • 2 or 3 stage options available
  • 2 diffuser based hydraulic options

The GSPX produces higher differential pressures than single stage models and is available with 2 or 3 inline stages, 2 diffuser based hydraulic options and as an end suction configuration. If you are looking for more efficiency, the optional ZeroLoss® containment shell can be fitted which will help to eliminate coupling losses and heating of the process liquid

Please Contact Us for more information  If you would like more details about the GSPX pump, call +44(0)1323 452000 or email

Video Animation Shows Versatility & Modularity of NEW CSA/CSI Pumps

This short video introduces our brand new range of CSA/CSI sealless pumps, clearly demonstrating the interchangeability of the pump’s components and how few parts are utilised in the construction for the benefits of versatility and serviceability.

3D cutaway illustrations and animations of the internal elements of the pump show how simply on-site servicing and post installation upgrades can be performed.

Specifically designed for maximum part interchangeability, to also reduce inventory, the CSA and CSI ranges have been developed to maximise uptime while delivering cost savings through improved efficiencies.  Another benefit of the modular construction is that they are available on short lead times.

The new range conforms fully to the latest IECEx standard and assures compliance with ASME B73.3 and ISO2858/15783 for the CSA and CSI respectively, making them the ideal solution for the production and processing of chemicals and use in other industrial applications.

Please click here to watch the video: CSA/CSI Video


Think Sealless – How Sealless Pumps Save You Money

Using magnetic drive pumps, you can expect savings from concept to completion of your project and beyond, in the areas of capital outlay, installation, servicing, project management and operating costs.

Sealless pumps require minimal maintenance and monitoring and, due to their modular construction, servicing onsite is easy and straightforward. No special tools are required and with common components, it means your stock of spare parts and inventory is reduced, again resulting in lower operational costs.

With their simple design and no complex seals or sealing systems to support, costs are kept to a minimum. In the unlikely event of breakdown the pumps can be repaired onsite and the cartridges can be replaced in just  20 minutes using basic tools.  Other benefits include:

  • Greater automation and less demand on staff time
  • Suitability for a wide range of applications
  • MTBF is typically 3x that of sealed pumps

With mechanical seals regarded as the weakest point in any pumping system and accounting for 80% of all pump failures, it’s easy to see how HMD sealless pumps can save you time and money.

To find out more, click here.

Modular Bearing Housing – New Design Gives Multiple Benefits

A new Modular Bearing Housing is being supplied on Frame 1 HMD Kontro GSP (API 685) pumps (with the larger Frames 2 and 3 soon to be available). This housing can also be retrofitted to existing GSP pumps with no modifications, so bringing multiple benefits to previous installations.

A larger sump capacity, increased by 15%, improves lubrication, enabling the pump to be operated at lower temperatures, whilst oil mist and oil bath systems can now both be utilised.  Other advantages include:


  • No Overfilling: A new angled position for the oil filler port means that there is no possibility of overfilling, especially as other ports can be security tagged when blanking plugs are used.  The housing also has an overflow port, for added overfill protection.  A constant level oil filler can also be used.  Also, as a result of the new design, the following lubrication systems can be utilised:

Oil Bath & Vent (Standard)

Purge Oil Mist
Closed Loop Oiler

Provision For Pure Oil Mist

Pure Oil Mist

Provision For Purge Oil Mist


  • Outboard Oil Seal Options: The new modular design means that the following alternative inboard and outboard oil seals can be utilised including:



Oil Bath  Oil Mist
Labyrinth (As standard) Inpro VB45U
Labtecta OP66 IsoMag
Inpro VB45S


  • Secondary Containment: The availability of a pressure-tested version of the Modular Bearing Housing allows for the provision of secondary containment and secondary control either now or in the future.


  • Integrated Sensor Ports: A range of ports are incorporated into the housing to allow for relevant probes to be utilised, including for vibration, oil mist and temperature sensors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


The new Modular Bearing Housing is a simple upgrade path for GSP pumps, with no modifications, allowing operational benefits for your HMD Kontro GSP sealless pump.

Further Key Benefits of the Modular Bearing Housing include:

  • Modular design for maximum interchangeability of parts.
  • Provision for bearing temperature monitoring included.
  • Reduced pump downtime thanks to maintenance time savings.
  • Upgrade is completed quickly and easily onsite.
  • No special tools required for upgrade or maintenance.

To download a copy of the leaflet please click here. To maximise your uptime, please contact HMD Kontro’s highly skilled Aftersales Technical Support Team who have vast experience in the operational aspects that customers may encounter during the lifecycle of sealless pump installations.

Tel: +44 (0)1323 452154.  Out of hours +44 (0)7789 171645

Email: /

Think Sealless – Why buy a pump that leaks?

Think Sealless represents HMD Kontro’s passion to inform the process industry about this engineering revolution and the benefits of magnetic drive pumps over traditional sealed pumps, including those with complex and costly seal support systems.

Why buy a pump that leaks? How long is it since you evaluated the considerable cost savings and safety benefits of a sealless, magnetic drive pump against the traditional type of pump, which depends upon seals, with their inherent risk of leaks, to maintain integrity and contain your product?  If it is some while, you may be surprised at how often sealless is now the solution, and how making a step change in your process technology could benefit your business.

Sealless pumps are essentially conventional centrifugal pumps without packed glands or seals. The seal is replaced by a static containment shell or shroud to form a completely sealed liquid end or pressure boundary.

Sealless pumps are easier to maintain, have fewer working parts, no potential leak paths and no support systems to design, install and maintain. Maintenance is simple, and the life cost is significantly lower than that of a mechanical sealed pump.

Thanks to a modular construction and the ability to dismantle HMD Kontro sealless pumps without special tools, servicing of the pumps on site is simple and straightforward.

When it comes to applications in the chemical, oil, petroleum, gas production, pharmaceutical and general process industries that involve toxic, fine, corrosive and aggressive liquids, our sealless magnetic drive pumps deliver the rock solid, dependable, and reliable performance that engineers demand and that industrial regulations require.

To find out more please click on the band of green icons in the header of this website.

New Chemical Catalogue Includes Latest CSA / CSI Range

Summarising our wide-ranging experience of supplying the chemical and industrial markets with sealless pumps for over 70 years, a new publication details not only our expertise but also appropriate pumps for use in these applications including the new, modular CSA and CSI pumps.  To download a copy, please click here.

The new brochure includes details of our extensive history and experience in the chemical market and the provision of pumps to both the ASME and ISO standards.  Indeed, we have been supplying pumps to these requirements since the ASME standard was introduced in 1997.

Look out for the section of the publication that details the reasons why you should choose a sealless magnetic drive pump. You will find many reasons plus an emphasis how improved magnet drive technology has enabled more efficient and powerful pumps to be built, along with advanced instrumentation, power saving features and containment options, increasing the application scope for this technology.

In addition to our very latest CSA and CSI pumps, the highly popular GSA and GSI models are also featured, along with high pressure, self-priming and vertical versions.  Accessories such as the ZeroLoss containment shell, VapourView gas in liquid detector etc, relevant to chemical and associated applications are also detailed.

To download a copy of the brochure please click here.

One Design Fits All – The New CSA & CSI Ranges

Modularity = Versatility Reliability Safety Serviceability & Availability

Representing a leap in design and technology, the brand new CSA and CSI Frame 1 group of pumps takes a modular approach to combining performance with durability and versatility while ensuring industry and regulatory safety compliance to ASME, ISO and IECEx standards.

Specifically designed for maximum part interchangeability allowing reduced inventory, ease of onsite servicing and upgrade with no hot-working, the new ranges will maximise uptime while delivering cost savings through improved efficiencies.

As the original creators of the sealless pump,  the CSA / CSI pumps have been developed with the HMD Kontro principles of robustness and integrity from over seventy years of design and application experience in magnetic drive pumps.

The CSA and CSI ranges also offer full compliance to ASME B73.3 and ISO2858/15783 respectively, plus to the latest IECEx standard, as well as being available with a choice of metallic or high efficiency ZeroLoss® containment shells.

For more information including literature, a podcast about the development, an animated video and detailed product specifications, click here.

New Website Launched



This is the first website dedicated to HMD Kontro, where you will find not only full product information on our magnetic drive pumps but also the following range of resources, information sources and the latest innovations in sealless pump technology.

This new website not only includes full details of all the pumps in the HMD Kontro range, but also many other facilities and resources that we think you will find useful when specifying our sealless pumps.  Example sections include:


Think Sealless

A full explanation of the benefits of magnetic drive sealless pumps and the savings they provide.


About HMD Kontro

All you need to know about the company that invented the sealless pump over 70 years ago including our history, timeline, who’s who etc.


Product Range Details

Full specifications of each and every pump in the range plus links to literature, options etc.


Advice & Aftermarket Support

All of the technical, training and other support available from Eastbourne including details of upgrade and parts kits.


Comprehensive Resources

The full suite of HMD Kontro literature including brochures, technical profiles, case studies, technical papers, videos and much more.


Latest News Blog

Regularly updated news about our pumps, the business, upgrade paths, marketing initiatives and what is happening with the HMD Kontro team.


Please click on any of the above links to take you directly to relevant information.

Save Space with GSPV


The vertically mounted GSPV pump provides all of the benefits of a magnetic drive sealless pump in a compact package that is particularly suitable for use where space is limited.

The GSPV meets all of the requirements of API 685 2nd edition, making it ideal for booster packages, pipeline injection, heavy duty chemical applications, monitoring and sampling packages, especially those where space is at a premium, such as offshore installations.

With a wide operating envelope of up to 40 Bar / 580 psi and flow rates up to 235 m³/hour /1250 gpm, the GSPV is available in nine hydraulics, which are split between two frame (magnetic coupling) sizes to suit different power requirements, with the option of ZeroLoss® shells in all configurations.

HMD also has a range of non-API vertical in-line units for use in various chemical and general industry applications. Further details can be seen at

A sister product, the LMV 801S, is also available, which is dimensionally interchangeable with the Sundyne LMV and VIP 801 pumps and will simply “drop-in” to existing pipework, making sealless upgrades possible without the need to modify pipe and foundation layout, to help meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.


Spare Kits to Maximise the Uptime of Your Sealless Pumps

The Aftersales engineering team at HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps has comprehensively analysed typical service procedures, maintenance requirements and common repairs to create a portfolio of spares kits that can be held at your installation or at HMD Kontro’s regional hubs for quick and easy servicing and repair of pumps onsite.  These include:

Service Kit – Contains bearings, gaskets, and O-rings for planned maintenance procedures.

Commissioning Kit – Consists of spare gaskets and O-rings that may be needed during the commissioning of a new installation.

Cartridge Kit – A drop-in cartridge containing all the wetted sealless pump parts, which just slots in without the need for a skilled operative.

Insurance Kit– A convenient package containing all of the commonly required spare parts to maximise uptime.

For more information about the spares kits and to receive a leaflet detailing the range, please call the HMD Kontro Aftersales team on +44 (0)1323 452154 or email