Think Sealless Switch

Mechanical seals leak across their faces (that is how they work). Magnetic drive pumps are a true zero leakage design. This eliminates potentially harmless emissions and odours associated with sealed pumps together with all the EH&S issues that entails.

Why you should switch to sealless

Sealless pumps are easier to maintain, have fewer working parts, no potential leak paths and no support systems to design, install and maintain. There is less cost involved in system design and procurement, no concerns regarding material compatibility or appropriate buffer liquids. You do not need to be concerned about their ongoing cost or the potential for failure either!


The mean time between failure (MTBF) for magnetic sealless drive pumps is typically three times that of mechanically sealed pumps.


By specifying an HMD Kontro sealless pump you can be absolutely positive that you have made the right decision. Combining cutting edge technology with over seventy years of expertise and experience, since we were the first in the world to develop the concept, our pumps provide complete peace of mind.


According to a report by the United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive, mechanical seals are widely regarded as the weakest point in any pumping system using them. They account for 80% of all pump failures, the remainder being leakage through static seals such as gaskets / O rings and bearing failure.


It follows that if you eliminate the problem, you eliminate the failures and save costs. HMD Kontro sealless pumps are magnetically driven, they have no mechanical seals or seal support systems, and only a single, fully trapped gasket that ensures systems integrity, even at high temperatures and pressures.


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