Power Control


What Is A Power Control Monitor?

The PCM is a device that senses true power input and so almost all pumping conditions that typically damage pumps can be detected quickly and ultimately avoided. It is installed in line with the motor driver of a pump or other rotating equipment.



What Does A Power Monitor Detect?

  • Dry-running
  • High Flow / End-of-Curve
  • Low Flow / Back-of-Curve
  • Jammed Impeller
  • Increased Viscosity / Precipitation
  • Severe Cavitation
  • Deadhead / Closed Discharged Valve
  • Decoupling (Magnetic Drive Pumps)

Advantages & Benefits of Power Monitoring

Power Monitoring has clear advantages over current or amperage monitoring since the input power varies linearly across the entire motor load range unlike current monitoring where the current is almost constant up to 50% of the motor load range, which makes it very difficult to detect changes below 50%.

The Power Control Monitor is therefore, an extremely reliable and accurate detector of system changes and as such most pumping condition changes will be seen in input power fluctuations. The benefits include:

  • Virtually eliminates pump damage due to system upsets
  • Significantly reduces spare parts costs
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces service costs
  • Eliminates extra component and installation costs
  • Isolates dangerous high voltage exposure for workers
  • Provides feedback for troubleshooting operational problems

A Power Control Monitor will protect your rotating equipment investment, minimising costly pump shutdowns and reducing your operating costs.  For more information, please call +44 (0) 1323 452000 or email us.

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