Think Sealless Smart

Magnetic drive sealless pumps from HMD Kontro have many key design features for increased reliability, cost effectiveness, enhanced safety and environmental friendliness.

Why sealless pumps are the smart choice

The smart choice is usually to say yes, however, our customers seem to like it when we say no:
No Seals
No Seal Support Systems No Risk of Seal Failure
No Leaks (At All!)
No Emissions
No Environmental Hazards No Health Issues
No Safety Concerns
No Maintenance (Almost!)
No Buffer or Flush Fluid Costs No Need to Decontaminate No Loss of Product
No Loss of Production Output No Unexpected Expenses
No Problems!
In addition our magnetic drive pumps save time and cost on design and installation. By specifying an HMD Kontro sealless pump you can be absolutely positive that you have made the right decision. Combining cutting edge technology with over seventy years of expertise and experience, since we were the first in the world to develop the concept, our pumps provide complete peace of mind.
    • Sealless Design
    • Interchangeable Components
    • High Efficiency Wet End
    • High Efficiency Magnetic Couplings
    • Wide Choice of Materials
    • Single Joint Casing and Containment Shell
    • Fully Confined Casing Gasket
    • Universal Connection Options
    • Modular Rotating Element Cartridge
    • Robust Magnetic Coupling

HMD Kontro pumps are built to last and we have many examples of extended pump life in our seventy year history, we have more experience than any other manufacturer. In many installations HMD Kontro have run without maintenance for ten years and often more.

In most HMD Kontro pumps we use silicon carbide bearings, a material so hard that under normal process and conditions it will not wear for many years. When you add permanent samarium cobalt magnets and the unique way we engineer our pumps, this results in a very long service life with minimal maintenance and cost. Although it is difficult to give a MTBF (mean time between failure) because of the wide variety of applications they have, on clean liquid it can be in the region of 10 years or more.


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