Green Hydrogen

Sealless pumps support the expansion of green hydrogen.

As momentum builds around green hydrogen’s potential to deliver a clean energy solution, the outlook looks positive for a greater production and wider use of green hydrogen across industry, transport, heating, and power generation.

HMD Kontro collaborates with global hydrogen producers through a vital understanding of the process of electrolysis. Our pumps complement the manufacturing of the green hydrogen by providing modified or bespoke pumping solutions which can fully integrate with the electrolysis process.

As specialists in the provision of magnetic drive pumps, HMD sealless magnetic drive pumps provide an effective alternative to traditional mechanical seal pumps by offering:

  • Complete fluid containment
  • No seals or support systems
  • Engineering design prioritising protection for human health and safety
  • Environmental compliance and energy efficiency
  • Increased MTBF and lower operational costs


Green Hydrogen


These pump features and benefits ensure that our sealless magnetic drive pumps meet the high demands of the electrolysis process.   This includes a wide performance range across our product base that can meet the demanding power output of the electrolysis process, together with the delivery of high operating pump pressures of up to 185 bar.  The robust product materials used in our pump engineering, such as different metallurgies, aid with manufacturing safety and process reliability.

To find out more about our safe, leak-free sealless magnetic drive pumps, download the hydrogen brochure ‘Sealless Pumps Support the Expansion of Green Hydrogen’.