Think Sealless Sectors

For situations involving high temperatures, high viscosity, high pressures and volatile substances, sealless magnetic drive pumps are the clear choice.

Why sealless pumps make sense in your market sector

Specifically, when it comes to applications in the chemical, oil, petroleum, gas production, pharmaceutical and general process industries that involve toxic, fine, corrosive and aggressive liquids that must be handled, our sealless magnetic drive pumps deliver the rock solid performance that engineers demand and that industrial regulations require.


Magnetic drive pumps are applicable for many applications and widely used in industries such as:

Sealless pumps, thanks to the complete containment of the liquid, are suitable for pumping the vast majority of liquids. Typical applications are for fluids presenting difficult and/or costly sealing challenges such as:


    • Acids
    • Solvents
    • Dangerous Liquids
    • High Melting Point Liquids
    • Heat Transfer Fluids
    • Fluids Under Pressure
    • Volatile Liquids – LPG, Processed Hydrocarbons, Crude Oil
    • Hazardous Liquids
    • Expensive Fluids
    • Toxic
    • Pungent
    • Corrosive
    • Radioactive
    • Crystallising


You can find out more about the applications and parameters of our pumps on our sealless specification page.

Example customers that have purchased HMD Kontro sealless pumps include: BP, Novartis, Ineos, Petronas and many more who would prefer to keep the use of our pumps confidential thanks to the IP benefits they bring.


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