Think Sealless Savings

Sealless pumps bring savings in time, resources, skill sets, ongoing maintenance and lost production. They also reduce health and safety risk and potential damage to the environment.

Why sealless pumps save money

Time is money.  Whether it is the time management of your people, the time taken to bring a new product to market or to progress a new project to completion, all have significant financial implications.

Whether you are the contractor or the client, reduced design and specification time, even the benefit of less HAZOPS and monitoring procedures, will contribute to faster project times. These then translate into lower costs and quicker implementation, such that a new or refurbished plant can be up and running that much faster.

Savings can be made at every stage of the project: design, engineering, procurement, installation, documentation and commissioning. Faster completion times mean less downtime and better plant utilisation.

Meanwhile, the time savings continue once the sealless pumps are up and running. Less maintenance, longer time between failures (MTBF) and more rapid return to operation, all contribute to enhanced profitability and margins.

Consider not only the initial acquisition cost but also the total life cycle costs including:

    • Installation Costs
    • Commissioning Costs
    • Scheduled Maintenance Costs
    • Unscheduled Maintenance Costs
    • Lost Production
    • Decommissioning and Disposal Cost
    • Environmental Clean Up & Fluid Disposal

The adoption of sealless pumps can achieve the step change savings that are needed from concept to completion of your project and beyond, throughout the life of the pump.

Examples of how costs can be contained include the following:

Capital Costs:

No Seal support system

No Water or air cooling system

No Large baseplate and foundation required


Installation Costs:

No Cooling water piping

No Barrier fluid (first fill)

Less Instrument wiring and connection

Less Instrument configuration (DCS)


Project Costs:

Less documentation for system and instrumentation

No PED for pressure vessel

Shorter SIL and HAZOP meetings

No Long lead times for seal support systems


Operating Costs:

No Repair or replacement of seals and bearings

No Replenishment of barrier fluid

No Man Hours to operate and maintain seal systems

Less Lost production during downtime

 No Removal of barrier fluid from product

No Maintaining of seals on stand-by pumps


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