Throughout the process industry, HMD Kontro is recognised as the pioneer of sealless pump engineering and manufacturing. Here we take a look at the company’s evolution and rich history through its timeline, highlighting many innovations over the past seven decades.

1946 Geoffrey and Charles Howard found the company and call it Hydraulic & Mechanical Developments Ltd.

1947 The first sealless magnetic drive pump is pioneered in Eastbourne, UK and electromagnetic sealless pumps are manufactured for ICI to handle Dowtherm at 300°C.

1951 The first permanent magnet synchronous drive pumps are manufactured up to 20 HP.

1954 The Kontro Company Inc. is founded in Athol MA (USA).

1956 Vertical magnet drive pumps are installed in the United Kingdom’s first nuclear reactor.

1962 HMD high system pressure magnetic drive pumps to 300 bar / 45020 psi are produced for Rolls Royce Ltd.

1970 Introduction of HMD pumps into the US market with Kontro Inc.

1978 First magnet drives with rare earth magnets are produced. Efficiencies increased to 92%.

1980 HMD CS series pumps are produced for high temperature applications. Pumps developed to operate without cooling to 450°C/840°F.

1982 The Company is renamed HMD Seal/less Pumps Ltd.

1984 First API standard pumps are manufactured.

1985 The stringent BS5750 quality standard is achieved.

1985 250HP magnetic drive pumps are designed and manufactured.

1987 AQAP1 (Ministry of Defence) quality standard is achieved.

1988 First sealless pumps are delivered for Trident submarines.

1989 ISO 9001 quality standard is awarded.

1990 Introduction of ANSI B73.1 specification pumps up to 100 HP.

1994 The Sundyne Corporation of America acquires and combines HMD with the American company Kontro to create HMD Kontro.

1995 API610 standard is introduced and associated sealless pumps are launched by HMD.

1999 High pressure Frame 0 pumps are introduced.

2000 API685 standard is introduced and pumps are launched.

2002 High pressure HPGS and HPGSA Frame 1 pumps are launched.

2005 Secondary control gas seal is introduced for API685 pumps.

2006 HPGSA and HPGS Frame 2 are launched.

2010 The ZeroLoss® containment shell is introduced for increased durability and energy efficiency.

2013 The first vertical HMD Kontro pump, the GSPV, is introduced.

2015 Revolutionary VapourView® gas in liquid detector is launched.

2016 First multi-stage HMD Kontro GSPX pump is developed and launched.

2017 VapourView® wins ‘Technical Innovation of the Year’ (Product) at the Pump Industry Awards.

2019 The new CSA/CSI range of modular pumps is introduced for chemical and industrial applications.

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