Think Sealless Servicing

Thanks to a modular construction and the ability to dismantle HMD Kontro sealless pumps without special tools, servicing and maintenance of the pumps onsite is simple and straightforward.

Why sealless pumps are simple to service and maintain

The modular construction and common components such as cartridges, means less spare parts stock and inventory for reduced operational costs.

    • Simple design
    • Minimal maintenance skills required
    • No complex seals or sealing systems
    • No special tools
    • Site repairable
    • Cartridge design means minimum spares
    • Cartridge Replacement: Only basic tools needed (spanner & hex key) Time: 20 minutes
    • No need for vibration monitoring

The main cause of magnetic drive pump failure is process related. This is actually true of both sealed and sealless pumps.

Most process related failures are caused by vapour because of:

    • Closing valve on suction or discharge
    • Dry running or low flow
    • Cavitation or vapour in pump
    • High flow overload

To protect and extend the life of a sealless pump, various instrumentation is available that will monitor power, temperature and liquid conditions. Those available from HMD Kontro, as examples, include VapourView, a revolutionary gas in liquid detector, and power control monitors.

These simple devices monitor the amount of vapour present in the pumped liquid or the actual power absorbed and shut off the pump if it falls below a predetermined value or goes above its upper set limit.

In addition to this we can provide temperature sensors. These measure the temperature at the containment shell and can therefore give an early indication of process or mechanical problems.

Once these are fitted, this will eliminate 90% or more of any potential for magnetic drive pump failures. You can find out more about the instrumentation that is available on our Sealless Smart page.


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