Value Proposition

HMD Kontro provide sealless pumps that save money and increase profitability thanks to less complexity, less time required for design, installation and commissioning, lower operational costs, a requirement for less skilled labour and with less environmental impact and less risk to your employees.  As the original inventors of the magnetic drive pump we now offer sealless pumps in many configurations and to a wide range of operating parameters for many applications.

HMD Kontro’s high quality Sealless Pumps move hazardous and high value liquids with simplicity and in complete safety whilst ensuring maximum production output and profitability.

Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps engineered to meet your needs

HMD Kontro offer a wide range of sealless magnetic drive pumps to suit your industry. Our pumps offer a wide range of benefits and advanced features.

Take a moment to see how our pumps can help revolutionise your process workflow. The many benefits of HMD Kontro magnetic drive sealless pumps include:

  • Product Security:  Our pumps provide a very safe and robust method for liquid transfer. By eliminating seals, the primary opportunities for leaks associated with traditional sealed pumps are eradicated.
  • Efficiency:  By improving performance and significantly reducing maintenance, sealless magnetic drive pumps can dramatically reduce downtime and lost production and thus maximise efficiency.
  • Reliability:  Proven reliability in the most severe climate conditions, from the frozen Tundra of Siberia to the deserts of the Middle East and the humid climate of Louisiana, HMD Kontro pumps have been utilised worldwide.
  • Health & Safety:  With no mechanical seals to leak your fluids including hazardous chemicals, HMD Kontro pumps offer a clear choice for process industry professionals, including those who deal with volatile or high value materials.
  • Up To Standard: HMD Kontro sealless pumps are manufactured to conform to international design and safety standards, including ATEX, ISO, API and ANSI requirements.
  • Operational Benefits:  Sealless magnetic drive pumps require less monitoring and maintenance than a traditional sealed designed, resulting in substantial savings over the lifetime of the pump.
  • Service Team:  In addition to our own, highly experienced Aftermarket team, our Channel Partner service centres are situated all around the world and are designed to keep our sealless magnetic drive pumps operating at peak performance. Standard pumps and parts are available from the factory and in the field.

For more information about HMD Kontro and our products including ZeroLoss® containment shells and VapourView® a non-intrusive gas in liquid detector, please call +44 (0) 1323 452000 or email us.

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