Pump Upgrades

At HMD Kontro we provide a comprehensive service for the upgrade of your existing pumps. With over 70 years of know how and experience, you can be confident that we can advise you about appropriate upgrades for your HMD Kontro sealless pump.

As a plant operator, you need reliable and cost effective pumps to keep your plant or application running as efficiently as possible.

Why upgrade your pump?
    • Increased reliability
    • Improved performance
    • Higher efficiency
    • Reduced environmental risk
    • Significant cost savings
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Less downtime – More uptime
    • Improved health and safety


We offer system design advise, reverse engineering and an upgrade service complemented by our in-house intellectual systems to ensure product and service optimisation.

Standard upgrade paths include:

  • Modular Bearing Housing:

    For Frame 1 HMD Kontro GSP pumps (with Frames 2 and 3 soon to be available), this housing provides multiple benefits to installations including: improved lubrication, no chance of overfilling, outboard oil seal options, integrated sensor ports and the potential for the incorporation of secondary containment and control.  The alternative housing can also be retrofitted to existing GSP pumps with no modifications. See more.


  • CMC Thrust Bearing Upgrade:

    Made from Ceramic Matrix Composite material, this upgrade provides a more robust and resilient alternative to the standard silicon carbide internal thrust bearing. The CMC thrust bearing conversion is suitable for a wide selection of HMD Kontro sealless pumps operating in a wide variety of operating temperatures and process liquids. It offers a more robust design solution for cavitation, volatile liquid and marginal pumping applications. See more.


  • CS Torque Ring Upgrade:

For the Outer Magnet Ring (OMR) on HMD Kontro CS pumps.  Key benefits of the OMR upgrade include: more robust than the original Alcomax design, leading to increased MTBF, magnets used are significantly more powerful and give a constant output performance and reduced delivery times due to standardisation of components.  The upgrade can be completed quickly and easily on-site with no special tools required for upgrade or maintenance. See more.


  • GSPV Pump Upgrade:

Requiring minimum floor space, the GSPV is vertically mounted and provides a sealless upgrade solution to vertical inline sealed pump installations. By eliminating the dynamic seal, users can make cost savings and benefit from no leakages, zero emissions and improved operator safety and protection of the environment. See more.


  • Hexagon Drive Upgrade:

For the Outer Magnet Ring (OMR) on HMD Kontro pumps, this upgrade allows for quicker reassembly of the bearing housing during routine maintenance activities and for greater robustness.  The OMR Hexagon Drive provides an alternative to the standard Eccentric Drive design. Particularly suited to pumps with frequent maintenance schedules, the Hexagon Drive Upgrade is provided as a kit and will reduce downtime during planned maintenance activities. See more.


  • Secondary Control & Containment: 

In some process applications, the added benefit of a further level of complete, secondary containment or control is required. HMD Kontro sealless pumps can be fitted with secondary control devices in order to severely restrict any leakage into the immediate locality. Mechanical devices are fitted to the drive shaft assembly, which can be activated in the unlikely event of containment shell failure. Additionally, the pumps coupling housing can also be fitted with gaskets to eliminate any leakage across the joining faces. See more….


  • ZeroLoss® Shell:

The ZeroLoss® containment shell is engineered from a proprietary material, which was originally developed for use in the construction of modern, high-tech aircraft. This low mass material blend offers a range of benefits including high tensile strength, impact resistance and resistance to a wide range of chemicals. With its rugged design, the ZeroLoss® containment shell is capable of enduring the rigours of a wide range of process applications. See more…

Just let us know which of your pumps or processes need improvement from efficiency, reliability or environmental and health and safety perspectives and we will suggest the solution appropriate to your pump issues.

HMD Kontro is a true innovator and we are continually integrating new technology into our pumps and processes so that your plant runs smoothly and reliably. If you would like to know more about the upgrade services for your HMD Kontro pumps, please call +44 (0) 1323 452000 or email us.

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