Glossary of Terms

Directory of Sealless Pump Terminology


As the company that developed the very first magnetic drive pump, no one is better placed to develop and provide a glossary of the various terms that surround sealless pump applications.

This guide has been prepared to help improve the general understanding of the sealless pump process. You can download a copy of our glossary here: Glossary Of Terms.

We have also taken the opportunity to list the parameters that our sealless pumps can now attain. For further details, please download a copy of our Know How Guide, which provides details about the benefits and significant cost savings that can be achieved by using a magnetic drive pump.

HMD Kontro offer a comprehensive standard range of pumps that are suitable for the hazardous and arduous applications that you would expect from a magnet drive pump. However, because of their efficiencies and economies, they are often now a very viable alternative to a mechanical sealed pump.

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