History Of HMD Kontro

As the original pioneers of the sealless magnetic drive pump, HMD Kontro has been breaking new ground in pump and fluid handling technology for over seventy years.


HMD Kontro was originally founded as Hydraulic & Mechanical Developments Ltd, and today is part of the American based worldwide Sundyne Corporation.




The company not only evolved the concept, but also harnessed magnet drive technology to produce both a comprehensive range of standard sealless pumps as well as developing bespoke pumps for a customer’s particular requirements.



HMD Pumps pioneered the sealless magnetic drive pump over seventy years ago, breaking new territory in fluid handling technology.


HMD Kontro installed the first magnetic drive centrifugal pump in 1983 at a major blue-chip oil company in Australia. These were followed shortly afterwards by further installations with BP in Norway.



The first pump to API (American Petroleum Institute) standards was produced in 1984, with subsequent pumps to API 610 (for sealed pumps) introduced in 1995, followed by pumps to the first sealless standard, API 685, in the year 2000.



The initial pumps were supplied during 1987 for use in the nuclear submarine fleet of the Royal Navy, a relationship that continues with subsequent technological updates.





In 1994 Sundyne acquired both HMD Seal/less Pumps in the UK and Kontro Pumps (HMD’s American distributor) to form their magnetic drive pump division with the combination being called HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps.




Secondary containment options were introduced in 2005 to provide even greater levels of security and safety, further confirming the assurance of zero leaks and emissions.


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Further innovations have been introduced to perfect the sealless pump including the ZeroLoss containment shell / shroud, VapourView, gas in liquid detector, and other upgrade options.




Over the years HMD Kontro has continued to lead the industry with their innovation and engineering prowess, launching new revolutionary pumps and products applicable to a wide range of applications and processes





Today, HMD Kontro is globally recognised as the pioneer of sealless pump design, engineering and manufacturing.



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