How sealless pumps save you money


Sealless Savings

Time is money.  Whether it is the time management of your people, the time taken to bring a new product to market or to progress a new project to completion, all have significant financial implications.  Magnetic drive pumps save time, and money, throughout their life.

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Sealless Servicing 

Thanks to a modular construction and the ability to dismantle HMD Kontro sealless pumps without special tools, when required, servicing and maintenance of the pumps onsite is simple and straightforward.

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Sealless Select 

When specifying your next plan, consider magnetic drive pumps. They can seriously contribute to greater automation and less demand on staff time.

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Sealless Smart

Magnetic drive pumps are the smart choice, requiring minimal maintenance and monitoring and thanks to the Zeroloss containment shell/shroud, improved efficiency.

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Sealless Switch

Sealless pumps are easy to maintain, have few working parts, no potential leak paths and no support systems to design, install and maintain.When selecting a sealless pump over a mechanical sealed pump it doesn’t just come just down to the long term cost benefits. The sealless technology is by design, the right choice for situations involving high temperatures, high viscosity, high pressures and volatile substances for many more reasons that just the life time cost.

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