HMD Kontro GSV – General Service Vertical Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps Frame 1

The GSV range of pumps is currently limited to one hydraulic – the 3x3x8. This pump has the same hydraulic performance as the GSA 3×1.5×8 but it should be noted that its connection sizes are different, per the GA drawings.

In essence this is a standard GSA pump with a vertical casing mated to it.

The GSV pumps can be supplied with the following:-

  • 22kw Maximum motor rating (DA8 coupling)
  • ANSI 150lb or PN16 Flanges only – Limited to 18.9 Bar maximum
  • High temperature builds – limited to 205 oC (400 oF)
  • PTFE/PFR o-rings and gaskets
  • Flanged drain connection
  • Materials limited to Carbon Steel casing or 316ss only