HMDBe – The Health and Wellness Programme for HMD Kontro Staff

The health and wellbeing of our staff is vital to us as a company as we know that our future success is reliant on the efforts of our talented team. We want them to be fit to carry out their work, healthy and most importantly happy. Consequently we have incorporated wellness into our company structure with the HMDBe programme being established to provide a comprehensive support package.

HMDBe includes not only health and wellness initiatives but also elements to ensure our staff have ongoing training, they have a safe environment to work in, they are represented and they also have access to information about what is happening within the company.


HMDBe Healthy: A comprehensive support programme ensuring our employees stay fit, healthy and happy

Fundamental to the programme is Be Healthy, which encourages our staff to maintain a good standard of health and wellbeing. Simply Health, a corporate health plan that takes a preventative approach to helping maintain both physical and mental wellbeing is included in the programme. A 24-hour helpline is available from Simply Health as well as access to face-to-face counselling.


HMDBe Well: Encouragement to participate in wellbeing activities

The aptly named HMDBe Well actively encourages participation in wellbeing activities including giving up smoking, avoiding colds and flu, through vaccinations, and support of national awareness days related to health issues such as prostate and breast cancer.


HMDBe Supported: Promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace with

Another key element is paying attention to the mental health of our employees and so HMDBe Supported is there so that we are attuned to and can support the health and mental wellbeing of our staff. HMD Kontro is signed up to the Mindful Employers Charter and, as part of this, staff have access to trained mental health first aiders in the workplace and a 24-hour helpline via Simply Health.


HMDBe Flexible: Aims at keeping key and dedicated employees by adjusting to their needs outside of the workplace

By recognising that our employees have other commitments outside of their working life, we have created opportunities for flexible working including part time and flexitime options. This naturally has to be balanced with the needs of the company but does lead to increased productivity, through a happier and more satisfying workplace. Support for childcare is available through the HMRC Child Choices scheme.


HMDBe Trained: The importance of training and development in the workplace

Career advancement plays an important role at HMD Kontro and so we provide ongoing training and personal development to keep our staff current and improve their skillset.  We are affiliated to the Institution of Mechanical Engineering and can support staff with the payment of professional fees.


HMDBe Safe: Health & Safety is at the heart of all our operations

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees by ensuring we provide safe working systems. This means minimising risks with prevention being more important than the cure.


HMDBe Equal: Committed to equal opportunities

HMDBe Equal supports equal opportunities as well as actively promoting diversity.  This includes in the engineering arena with membership of the Women’s Engineering Society.


HMDBe Connected and HMDBe Informed: Keeping in touch with the latest company developments

HMDBe Connected keeps staff up to date with communications, bulletins and meetings and is backed up by HMDBe Informed, which displays the latest news and advice on noticeboards in staff rooms.


HMDBe Represented: Expressing opinions

Sometimes it’s necessary to raise a concern or talk about an opportunity and this is possible not only with line managers but with elected staff representatives.


HMDBe There: Getting to know your colleagues

To foster integration and communication with colleagues and to promote team building, HMDBe There has been created with lots of social events for staff including Christmas parties, sports days, charity support, etc.


HMDBe Happy: Promoting happiness and togetherness

All employees can access the discount scheme for price reductions at a range of attractions, enjoying all of the benefits of Merlin passes, which can be purchased through the Simply Health membership scheme, another perk provided by HMD Kontro. There are days out available at a host of venues throughout the UK including many top London sights and attractions.


HMD Kontro: A workforce that feels valued and appreciated

All of the initiatives of the HMDBe programme are aimed at improved employee satisfaction and morale, leading to them feeling valued and appreciated and of course enhancing the reputation and profile of our company.


Are you looking for a career with a world leading engineering company that really cares about its’ team members?

If you are seeking a career with an innovative and progressive company, and one that actively supports the health & wellbeing of its workforce, please check out our Job Vacancies.

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