One Design Fits All – The New CSA & CSI Ranges

Modularity = Versatility Reliability Safety Serviceability & Availability

Representing a leap in design and technology, the brand new CSA and CSI Frame 1 group of pumps takes a modular approach to combining performance with durability and versatility while ensuring industry and regulatory safety compliance to ASME, ISO and IECEx standards.

Specifically designed for maximum part interchangeability allowing reduced inventory, ease of onsite servicing and upgrade with no hot-working, the new ranges will maximise uptime while delivering cost savings through improved efficiencies.

As the original creators of the sealless pump,  the CSA / CSI pumps have been developed with the HMD Kontro principles of robustness and integrity from over seventy years of design and application experience in magnetic drive pumps.

The CSA and CSI ranges also offer full compliance to ASME B73.3 and ISO2858/15783 respectively, plus to the latest IECEx standard, as well as being available with a choice of metallic or high efficiency ZeroLoss® containment shells.

For more information including literature, a podcast about the development, an animated video and detailed product specifications, click here.