HMD Kontro Encourages Women In Engineering

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, HMD Kontro has been at the forefront of encouraging women to take on engineering roles. We were therefore delighted to feature in the Business Edge magazine published by the Sussex Chamber of Commerce. Jenny Woollett, our HR Manager talks candidly about how HMD Kontro actively pushes for women to take up positions in engineering roles

Women in Engineering


That was not all! We also made it to the front cover of the magazine with Jo Whitling, one of our Technical Support Engineers, featuring with a picture taken in the reception area of our Eastbourne headquarters. It’s no secret that historically engineering has been a male-dominated industry, but HMD Kontro is helping to change this by encouraging more women to take up engineering, with the career opportunities it opens up.


HMD Kontro is a member of Women in Engineering Society (WES)

The Sussex Chamber of Commerce produces the Business Edge magazine six times a year. The April/May issue centres on the topic of Employment and Skills. As a company we actively push for women to take up engineering positions. Jenny discusses this in detail and also talks about how HMD Kontro became a member of the Women in Engineering Society (WES) in 2019.

This is a professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists, which offers inspiration, support and professional development. Several employees from the company have been given annual individual WES membership so that they can reap as much as possible from this prestigious society, which boasts the largest network of women engineers in the UK. It highlights that HMD Kontro is fully committed to supporting WES in its campaign for gender diversity in engineering.


Women in engineering bring a diversity of skills and approaches

The article features two of those who perfectly highlight the increasing role that women are playing in engineering at HMD Kontro, namely Hannah Verrall, our Aftermarket Manager and Jo Whitling. They have been working for the company for nine and thirteen years respectively and are testament to HMD Kontro’s supportive culture. Both outline how they are able to have a well-balanced work and home life having young families. They come from contrasting backgrounds bringing a diversity of skills, approaches and opinions.


Hannah Verrall training to be a Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Hannah chose to study engineering at Cardiff University and is now training to be a Chartered Engineer (CEng). She joined HMD Kontro as a postgraduate with two years experience and now manages a team of six. CEng is an internationally recognised qualification, which will emphasise her professional competence and commitment as an engineer. Attaining this status will put her into a very select group. Current statistics suggest that less than 13% of all engineers are women with only 5% of registered engineers and technicians being female, which includes those having achieved Chartered (CEng) status.


Jo Whitling becomes an Engineering Technician (EngTech)

The article also features Jo Whitling, who always knew her career would involve doing something technical. Five years ago, an opportunity arose at HMD Kontro to train as an EngTech and Jo jumped at this. This qualification is a formal recognition of engineering skills and competence and a vital stepping stone towards becoming an Incorporated Chartered Engineer. In September 2020, Jo started an Electrical Installation course, which she hopes to complete soon.


Talks and workshops about ‘Women in Engineering’

Jo also went into Hastings College to talk about ‘Women in Engineering’ to the students before the pandemic. This is something that Jo and Hannah plan to continue and are looking forward to hearing from local schools and colleges who would be interested in talks and workshops once the restrictions are lifted.


Opportunities for female engineers with HMD Kontro

HMD Kontro is always looking towards recruiting more women in the roles of apprentices and engineers. For more details and a current list of vacancies at HMD Kontro and to register your interest if an opportunity becomes available, please visit: The Business Edge magazine article can be seen by going to pages 20 and 21 here:

Successful EHS Audit

HMD Kontro has recently had a successful Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) audit at its Eastbourne headquarters. The audit proves that the company is operating responsibly, safeguarding its employees and protecting the environment.

EHS Laptop Image


Surveillance 2 Audit carried out by Lloyds Register

The Surveillance 2 audit was conducted remotely (via Microsoft Teams) by Lloyds Register for ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management) and ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems) standards. The aim was to assess the continued compliance of the Environmental, Health and Safety Management System of HMD Kontro against the above standards as defined in the audit planning documentation.


Continual improvement at HMD Kontro

The Lead Assessor acknowledged improvements that had been introduced recently, managed by David Watson who took up the post as EHS and Facilities Manager in January 2020. It was also noted that the introduction and utilisation of the Health & Safety representatives to conduct the monthly inspections along with the safety stand-down, proved immensely effective and worked very well for the business. The auditor went on to add that these new and innovative ideas will create a better environment and will improve the business performance going forward.


 The report concluded that:

  • The business has continued to operate during the Covid pandemic and has revised its manufacturing processes and office risk assessments (RAs) and working practices (working from home) to manage and navigate the business through this very challenging and difficult period.
  • The business has implemented, and continued to maintain and provide adequate resources to support and update their Environmental, Health and Safety Management System and management processes.
  • The management system was demonstrated to be effectively implemented and compliant with the requirements of the standards assessed.
  • Sufficient evidence was seen during the assessment to recommend the continued certification for HMD Kontro, being subject to Lloyds Register (LR) Technical Review.


ISO 14001 – incorporating environmental issues into business management

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. HMD Kontro is delighted to have been successful in this recent audit, which demonstrates that our EMS is fully operational and effective and that continual improvement is being achieved.

It also demonstrates our compliance with future statutory and regulatory requirements and our commitment to increased leadership involvement and engagement of employees. This assists in helping us to achieve our strategic business aims by incorporating environmental issues into business management.

For more information about the EHS audit, please contact us and David will be pleased to respond.

New CSA / CSI Range in the Top 2020

Modern Pumping Today Magazine includes the CSA / CSI in its 2020 List of Top Products


We are pleased to advise that our new range of CSA / CSI pumps, launched last year, has been included in the list of top products of 2020 by Modern Pumping Today magazine.

MPT Top 2020 Product Award


Modern Pumping Today’s Editor J. Campbell said: “The staff at Modern Pumping Today takes a close look at new or newly enhanced pump technology and we examine products that best address the industry’s needs for efficiency, reliability and innovation.  Recent enhancements to CSA / CSI pumps extend the value proposition for a proven pump that’s widely deployed around the globe.  We’re pleased to add HMD Kontro’s sealless magnetic drive pumps to our list of Top Products.”

In reply, Colin Guppy, Sundyne’s Chief Commercial Officer  “Modern Pumping Today Magazine’s endorsement further validates the reputation of the CSA / CSI line for the chemical, petrochemical and general industrial markets.  The pump’s modular design makes it easier for our distributors to build exactly what our customers need, and get it to them faster, easier and less expensively.  We thank Modern Pumping Today for recognising these strengths, and we are honoured to be included in the 2020 Top Products list.”

For further information on the new CSA / CSI range including product literature, an animated video and podcasts, please see

IMechE Accreditation Via a Virtual Visit

IMechE Accreditation Via a Virtual Visit

HMD Kontro recently had a virtual visit from IMechE to reaccredit our Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS). The successful outcome was a reaccreditation for three years without any conditions attached. It was recognised by the assessors that the scheme requires a lot of time, effort and resources and is clearly enthusiastically supported by HMD Kontro’s Management. Also of note was HMD Kontro’s understanding in all departments of the Engineering Council’s UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) relating to Developing Engineers (DEs) as well as a desire to encourage and develop new talent. The level of technology that a graduate is exposed to at HMD Kontro goes far beyond what most graduates would normally experience. DEs are regularly assessed with the training moulded to fit both the graduate and company requirements.



An association with IMechE going back to 2013

Our association with IMechE started in August 2013 when we contacted Claire Maycock, the IMechE Business Development Manager for Greater London & South Eastern Regions. We wanted to investigate the benefits of the Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) as a route for graduates to become professionally registered as either Incorporated Engineers (IEng) or Chartered Engineers (CEng). Normally it takes a minimum of seven years engineering experience for a graduate to achieve chartered engineer status but being registered on an accredited scheme, such as the IMechE MPDS Scheme, can significantly reduce the time to just three years for IEng registration and four years for CEng registration. Our application was successful with our scheme being registered under PDS 898 on 31 July 2015. HMD Kontro hosted its first successful IMechE MPDS Scheme Accreditation Panel visit on 16 March 2017.


HMD Kontro staff appointments for the scheme

  • HR Manager appointed MPDS Scheme Owner
  • IMechE Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) appointed MPDS Scheme Administrator
  • Senior Engineering Manager appointed MPDS Scheme Champion


Scheme Champion ensures the graduates meet the registration requirements

The role of the Scheme Champion is to ensure that the DEs have sufficient departmental rotations to enable them to meet the registration requirements set out in the UK-SPEC. These cover 5 generic areas of competence and commitment.

  1. Knowledge and understanding
  2. Design and development of processes, systems, services and products
  3. Responsibility, management or leadership
  4. Communication and inter-personal skills
  5. Professional commitment


History of HMD Kontro with IMechE

  • 8 Developing Engineers (DEs) have been registered on HMD’s scheme (4 being one-year Industrial Placement students
  • 1 DE is currently working towards CEng registration outside of the scheme via the normal route to membership
  • 5 have registered as IEng
  • 23 employees have been registered as Engineering Technicians (EngTech)


The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) is an independent professional association, which has been at the heart of the mechanical engineering profession since 1847. It has 120,000 members in 140 countries throughout the world. IMechE aims to improve the world by developing engineers, promoting engineering and encouraging innovation. At the heart of their philosophy is the belief that engineering excellence requires excellent engineers.

HMD Kontro as a company is able to benchmark employee progress through our professional registration with IMechE. This we believe allows us to attract and retain the best engineers confident in the knowledge that they have been independently assessed and reviewed by their peers.


Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS)

IMechE assesses and accredits company graduate schemes to ensure the right opportunities are available, and that mentoring and feedback opportunities are in place for engineers to apply to become a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) after their initial professional development. Regular reporting with feedback is aligned to the five Engineering Council UK-SPEC competence areas.


EngTech Apprenticeship Scheme (ETAS)

Additionally, HMD Kontro has an IMechE accredited EngTech Apprenticeship Scheme (ETAS) first approved by the IMechE on 28 October 2015 for three years under IMechE Scheme Number ET212, and backdated two years and reapproved on 28 October 2018 for a further three years. Any apprentice that joins HMD is eligible to join the scheme and upon successful completion of their IMechE approved modern/advanced apprenticeship can apply for registration through the EngTech approved route scheme.

There is a short write-up about HMD’s EngTech community in the IMechE’s APPRENTICE NEWS: February 2018 Newsletter published online that may be viewed at:

Click the links to find out more about HMD Kontro and IMechE.

Sundyne Sealless Technology Online Event

Sundyne Sealless Technology Online Event

November 11th 2-3pm

Mat Gilman, our Area Sales Manager for the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia is organising an online event featuring Sundyne Sealless Technology.  Key topics to be covered will include:

  • The basic operation of a magnetic drive pump
  • HMD Kontro and Ansimag pump design basics
  • Applications for sealless pumps in chemical and industrial

You can request to attend the event by visiting this link.

New Website Launched



This is the first website dedicated to HMD Kontro, where you will find not only full product information on our magnetic drive pumps but also the following range of resources, information sources and the latest innovations in sealless pump technology.

This new website not only includes full details of all the pumps in the HMD Kontro range, but also many other facilities and resources that we think you will find useful when specifying our sealless pumps.  Example sections include:


Think Sealless

A full explanation of the benefits of magnetic drive sealless pumps and the savings they provide.


About HMD Kontro

All you need to know about the company that invented the sealless pump over 70 years ago including our history, timeline, who’s who etc.


Product Range Details

Full specifications of each and every pump in the range plus links to literature, options etc.


Advice & Aftermarket Support

All of the technical, training and other support available from Eastbourne including details of upgrade and parts kits.


Comprehensive Resources

The full suite of HMD Kontro literature including brochures, technical profiles, case studies, technical papers, videos and much more.


Latest News Blog

Regularly updated news about our pumps, the business, upgrade paths, marketing initiatives and what is happening with the HMD Kontro team.


Please click on any of the above links to take you directly to relevant information.

50 & 30 Year Very Long Service Awards at HMD Kontro

We are extremely proud of our team and we are always keen to recognise and congratulate any of our staff who reach long service milestones. This month Richard Baxter and Mick McVay received their very impressive Long Service Recognition certificates for having worked 50 and 30 years respectively at HMD Kontro.

Richard joined us 50 years ago on 20th March 1970 as a Trainee Apprentice and, at the time earned the princely sum of 3 shillings and 10 pennies (19 pence) per hour and 15 days annual holiday. The UK was very different back then with minimal technology, children playing in the streets and the fashion was flared trousers and platform shoes.

At the age of 17, Richard was keen to go to college part time and there he completed his C&G in Mechanical Engineering. Richard still enjoys his job at HMD Kontro, but has reduced to 4 days per week, so that he can spend more time with his wife, Lynne.

Mick joined on 26th March 1990 as a Centre Lathe Turner with a starting salary of £9,500 and has steadily progressed his career with HMD Kontro. Born a US citizen, Mick came to the UK in 1968 in his teenage years and attended school in Wiltshire. Mick lives in Eastbourne and is married to Jane and has 2 daughters. He passed the stringent, “Life in the UK” test and became a Brit in 2017 with HMD honoured to support him.

Both Richard and Mick received their Long Service Recognition certificates as well as bubbly, cake and a beautiful bouquet for their wives.  We thank them for their dedicated service to HMD Kontro.

Continuing Operations & Support

While Staying Safe & Secure

Our team continues to offer full support to our customers to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses.  We are pleased to confirm that we have signed the UK ​Government’s Secure Workplace Pledge which confirms that HMD Kontro ​has:

  • Undertaken a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the team.
  • Introduced procedures for cleaning, hand washing and hygiene in line with guidance.
  • Taken all reasonable steps to maintain a two metre distance in the workplace
  • Where people cannot be two metres apart, we have introduced practical steps to manage and reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home.

By taking these measures, we are very much open for business.  Using digital technology our team will quickly respond to enquiries, orders and administration.

We thank you for your continued support in these challenging times and look forward to working with you and providing all your sealless pump requirements.

Please call +44 (0)1323 452000 or email:

Customer Support:

Pump Enquires:

Part Sales:

Emergency Hotline Telephone No +44 (0) 7789 171645

Pump Pioneers

Did You Know? HMD Kontro Are The Pioneers Of The Sealless Pump

In 1946, Geoffrey and Charles Howard founded the company, Hydraulic & Mechanical Developments Ltd. and a year later the first sealless magnetic drive pump was pioneered in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The first electromagnetical sealless pumps were then manufactured for ICI to handle Dowtherm at 300°C. This sealless magnetic drive pump broke new ground in fluid handling technology and today HMD Kontro is globally recognised as the pioneer of sealless pump design, engineering and manufacturing.

Sealless magnetic drive pumps are the first choice for a wide range of applications and particularly for industries involving toxic substances as well as fine, corrosive and aggressive liquids. We hope you like the picture of one of the very first pumps we produced, which is on display in our lobby area at our premises in Eastbourne.

For more information about HMD Kontro and our sealless magnetic drive pumps, please call us on +44 (0)1323 452000 or email us

Summer Holiday Fun Supported by the HMD Kontro Employee Benefits Package

At HMD Kontro, we know that the success of our company is down to the efforts of the whole team. We are therefore delighted that our employees can benefit from discounted Merlin passes, which can be purchased through the Simply Health membership scheme, a staff benefit provided by HMD Kontro.

Amy Stimpson, who works in the finance team at HMD took advantage of this during the long school holidays and she and her family enjoyed a fun packed summer using the discounted passes. Amy, her partner and two young children went on trips to The London Eye, The Shrek Adventure, The London Aquarium, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and Warwick Castle – all of this was for the price of one entry pass per person of £97 instead of the normal £139! Wow!

Amy said that her children enjoyed every second of their visits and were looking forward to more adventures in 2020. Amy is now back at work at HMD Kontro, totally refreshed, following a great time with the family! If you are looking for a career with a great company, check out our Job Vacancies – there might just be something for you. Alternatively, please call +44 (0)1323 452154.

HMD History – Eastbourne & Bred

From Hydraulic & Mechanical Developments to HMD Kontro

With over 70 years of history, it is not surprising that we have an array of achievements behind us and of course many more to come. This week we look at how the name of the company has evolved over the years.  We’ve posted a local picture of Beachy Head and the iconic lighthouse, which we hope you enjoy.

    • 1946 – Geoffrey and Charles Howard found Hydraulic & Mechanical Developments Ltd.
    • 1954 – The Kontro Co. Inc. is (separately) founded in Athol, Massachusetts, USA
    • 1970 – HMD Pumps are first introduced into the US market with Kontro Inc.
    • 1982 – The company is renamed HMD Seal/less Pumps Ltd.
    • 1990 – HMD Kontro is recognised worldwide as the home of the sealless pump
    • 1994 – HMD and Kontro are both acquired by the Sundyne Corporation
    • 2017 – HMD Kontro celebrates 70 years of innovation and success

For more information please see the About section of our website or the timeline.


Children In Need Fundraising

The team at HMD Kontro have been busy fundraising for the BBC’s charity, Children In Need, which raises millions of pounds every year to help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people throughout the UK. To date this amazing charity has raised over £1 billion!

The BBC programme was on television screens on Friday 15th November, the day that the HMD Kontro team had their fundraising day. There was a lot going on including a raffle with fabulous prizes donated by the staff and the company, and a cake sale with several members of the team bringing in freshly baked cakes in return for donations.

Graham King won the annual ‘Duck Race’ sweepstake. You can see his picture below in front of Pudsey – we won’t mention the photographer! There are also some pictures of the amazing cakes, with Teresa Costa proudly displaying them. The staff also enjoyed a tasty curry lunch, and so you could say, “a pretty good day was had by all”. And the best part, £400.00 was raised for the children.

If you are interested in being part of the HMD Kontro dynamic team, please see the Careers section here or get in touch with the HR department.

Craig Crosses the Sahara To Raise Funds For St Michael’s Hospice

We are delighted to congratulate Craig Halbard Jones, one of our Quality Engineers, based in Eastbourne, on his amazing feat of completing the Sahara Trek in aid of St Michael’s Hospice.

A small group of 28 intrepid adventurers were successful in crossing the desert in support of this amazing charity. They left the UK on 7th November, bound for Marrakesh in Morocco with the trek starting the next day. Over the four days, the group covered 52km in temperatures ranging from -2°C to 42°C.  To get to the trek start point, the group journeyed for 11 hours through the Atlas Mountains, reaching an altitude of 2,260 meters above sea level.

St Michael’s Hospice provides much needed high quality, responsive palliative care and bereavement support across Hastings and Rother. The Fundraisers work tirelessly to organise events and challenges to raise the £12,000 per day that is required to continue the services. The total Craig has raised to date is a mind blowing £1,720. Craig is already planning another challenge for 2021, which could be either Machu Picchu in Peru, The Great Wall of China or the Rockies in Canada.

Fine Art Supported by HMD Kontro

HMD Kontro is delighted to be sponsoring Olga Caitar’s work at the Fine Art Exhibition Gertruda.  Olga works as a Production Planner at HMD Kontro and in her spare time, she loves to paint.

Olga says that her paintings create stories through colour and passion, and she uses different mediums to produce dissociated shapes and realistic images, which invite the viewer to discover, to ask, to find out and to enjoy.

If you would like to discover the stories behind Olga’s paintings expressing her different ideas according to her mood, her paintings will be on show from 22nd February at The Welcome Stranger Restaurant/Bar in Hastings.

HMD Kontro is proud to be active and involved in the local community around our headquarters in Eastbourne, East Sussex. For more information about our innovative and progressive company, please see the dedicated section of our website here or contact our HR department.

Women in Engineering at HMD Kontro

HMD Kontro is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and to this end is a keen advocate of encouraging women to take on engineering roles within the company. Recently HMD Kontro joined The Women in Engineering Society, which is a charity and a professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development.

In this article we look at three women from very diverse backgrounds that are pursuing their careers in different engineering roles within HMD Kontro. They all believe HMD is a great company to work for, with career progression actively encouraged within a company that produces high quality products and is a globally recognised brand.

Opportunities to develop a career

Hannah is our Value Stream and Aftermarket Manager, having studied engineering at Cardiff University before joining HMD Kontro. In her present capacity she is quick to praise the team that she inherited which is well-balanced and focused on delivering the goals of increased sales and bookings for servicing and parts, improved lead times and delivering a world class service to the customer.

She finds it exciting to see new technology being created and of course there are so many opportunities for meeting new people and travel as well as developing a career. Within her department at HMD Kontro she is working on building and enhancing systems and procedures, and intent on moving away from reactive methods to a more proactive and systemised approach. Of customer service


Creating a balance for work and home life

Jo is a Technical Support Engineer, a position she took after having a career break to start a family, and she freely admits that she just loves her job. She doesn’t originally come from an engineering background having been in the vehicle mechanics industry, specifically in technology sales.

She was keen to obtain a stable but flexible position that paid well but would enable her to have a well-balanced work and home life. In the future, once her children have grown up, she sees herself in a position of field servicing, which will once again give her the opportunity to travel.



Vehicle mechanics to pump builder

Clare is one of the newest recruits at HMD Kontro having started around a year ago as an outside contractor, then taking up a permanent position as a Pump Builder/Fitter. Her brothers were in the vehicle mechanics industry, so Clare decided to join them where she was trained in many different areas.

Clare is currently the only female working in this department, a situation that some might find daunting, but Clare says that ‘HMD are fantastic at ensuring equal and fair opportunities are available, irrespective of gender and in the workshop, I’m just treated like all the others’.



A variety of people brings a diversity of skills, approaches and opinions

The view that engineering is a male dominated industry is slowly changing for the better with more and more women choosing it as their career path.  One gender is not better than the other in engineering roles; a wide variety of people bring a diversity of skills, approaches and opinions.

As an engineer at HMD Kontro, you are in a world-changing industry at the cutting edge of technology. It’s a great career choice as things change so fast and there is always something new to develop.  All agree that HMD Kontro is a great employer and it’s a company where you can build a fulfilling career. You are encouraged every step of the way, as well as being inspired and helped to learn new skills.

If you are interested in working for a dynamic and progressive company, please see our current vacancies or get in touch with our HR department on + 44 (0) 323 452148.

Engineering Career Advice For The ‘Your Town’ Project

The launch event of the Your Town Creative Café was held in Hastings and HMD Kontro’s Jo Whitling, Technical Support Engineer, was delighted to attend. It was a half-day career event where young people meet industry employers and professionals in an informal and yet structured café environment to find out more about the different areas of their work. The project is aimed at getting more young people to think about engineering as a career and to increase diversity.

What Is ‘Your Town’ By Culture Shift & Creative Cafés?

Your Town is ‘Transformations by Young People and Engineers’ and is an exciting project for young people delivered by Culture Shift and funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious fund. Culture Shift puts creativity to work to facilitate positive change. It aims at generating dynamic partnerships where the creative and cultural sector work with community, business and education partners to produce bespoke, action-based solutions.

The website describes Creative Cafés as, high-energy, dynamic networking events where young people can meet and be inspired by employers and industry professionals across all sectors. Naturally engineering as a career is part of this and they are very keen for women engineers to take part.

The cafés are set up to have one professional for every 7-9 students, which makes for easy conversation with the events being structured around a menu of activities. The event that Jo attended explored ideas about engineering with Jo captivating her audience with her knowledge and skills.

The feedback that Jo received was really positive with the organiser complimenting her on the way she kept the students engaged bringing the mechanics of HMD Kontro’s pumps to life with pictures, diagrams and a small-scale demonstration kit.


HMD Kontro Helping the Next Generation of Engineers

 HMD Kontro is always keen to support the local community by sharing skills and experience to the next generation to enhance the professional development of the engineers of the future. Events like this enable students to test products and service ideas in a supported environment. If you are looking for a career in engineering, please contact our HR department for current vacancies and opportunities.

HMD Kontro Engineers Help to Plan GSCE Science Curriculum

Andrew Mann and Colin Poole recently attended an Engineering Science workshop, hosted by IMechE on 24th July where the purpose was to help to bring engineering to life in the secondary school curriculum. The experienced engineers from HMD Kontro working alongside the Mastery Science Team (the facilitators) aimed to create new and innovative resources for school children taking GCSE science, whereby materials would be provided that were suitable for years 7 and 8 in the main subjects of Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Theoretical And Practical Sessions

 Theoretical science was on the morning agenda followed by more practical laboratory / classroom exercises in the afternoon. Each topic had two set scenarios with the teams assigned to explore and propose possible solutions to each, which would be voted on at the end of the session so that this could be developed further by the Mastery Science Team for inclusion into the future GCSE syllabus.


Playground Equipment For Exploring

The HMD Kontro engineers used playground equipment to work on a unit exploring forces, which was widely accepted as a strong contender for future development. Andrew and Colin are very much hoping that their work and ideas will progress to the next stage.

If you are interested in working for a dynamic and progressive company, please see our current vacancies or get in touch with our HR department on + 44 (0) 323 452148.

HMD Kontro Joins The Women in Engineering Society (WES) As It Celebrates 100 Years


HMD Kontro is proud to have recently joined the Women in Engineering Society (WES). This is a charity and a professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists, which offers inspiration, support and professional development. Initially 15 of our female employees have been given individual WES membership for a year. 

What Is WES?

It was founded on 23rd June 1919 and was there to support women engineers who though they had been welcomed during the war years found themselves under pressure to relinquish their jobs so that the men returning from the war could fill their positions. WES was formed to not only resist this pressure but to promote engineering as a rewarding job for women.

The number of women who are professional engineers in the UK is approximately 11%, which is thought to be one of the lowest in Europe and the number in technical level roles, where actually growth rate is at its greatest is even lower than that figure.

Benefits For Our Members Include: 

  • Representation from the WES at up to two of our company women’s events
  • Access to best practice and advice support for our diversity programmes
  • Two representative places at the Women’s Engineering Society annual conference
  • Quarterly communication updates from the Society
  • Opportunities for our staff to engage with the Society on their volunteer programme of activities
  • Bi-annual best practice knowledge sharing session with other Society partners


Membership of this prestigious society also has many benefits for HMD Kontro including being part of the largest network of women engineers in the UK and as such we are fully committed to supporting WES in its campaign for gender diversity in engineering. Communications from WES include a quarterly journal and monthly e-newsletter.

HMD Kontro is looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with WES and of course to recruiting more women to our company including in the roles of apprentices and engineers.

For a current list of vacancies at HMD Kontro, please click here or get in touch with our HR department on + 44 (0) 323 452148.

HMD Be – The Health & Wellness Programme for HMD Kontro Staff


The health and wellbeing of our staff is a vital part of our business strategy, as our future success is reliant on the efforts of our talented team. We want them to be fit to carry out their work, healthy and most importantly happy.

Recently, we set up HMDBe, which is a comprehensive programme of support that is available to all of our staff. Fundamental to the programme is Be Healthy, which encourages our staff to maintain a good standard of health and wellbeing. It includes the support of Simply Health, a corporate health plan that takes a preventative approach to helping maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. A 24-hour helpline is available from Simply Health as well as access to face-to-face counselling.

Another element is the aptly named Be Well, which actively encourages participation in wellbeing activities including giving up smoking, avoiding colds and flu through vaccinations and support of National Awareness days related to health issues such as prostate and breast cancer.

If you are looking for a career with an innovative and progressive company, and one that actively supports the health & wellbeing of its workforce, please check out our current vacancies or contact our HR department.

Recycling at HMD Kontro


One of our initiatives is to ‘Be Sustainable’ and as conscientious manufacturers the vast majority of our waste is recycled. The following materials and equipment that come on to the site are 100% recycled:

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Solvents
  • Paint waste
  • Batteries
  • Toner cartridges
  • Light bulbs
  • Computer equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Waste oil

Currently, we do not produce enough waste plastic onsite to arrange recycling and there is no commercial collection facility for food stuffs and so to help the cause, we ask the team to take home any plastic bottles and cartons and food waste, to recycle them there.

We really do encourage our team at HMD to recycle at our headquarters in Eastbourne, and if they have any ideas or initiatives that would help us to be even more sustainable and to further help our recycling efforts, to contact the HR Department.