New Chemical Catalogue Includes Latest CSA / CSI Range

Summarising our wide-ranging experience of supplying the chemical and industrial markets with sealless pumps for over 70 years, a new publication details not only our expertise but also appropriate pumps for use in these applications including the new, modular CSA and CSI pumps.  To download a copy, please click here.

The new brochure includes details of our extensive history and experience in the chemical market and the provision of pumps to both the ASME and ISO standards.  Indeed, we have been supplying pumps to these requirements since the ASME standard was introduced in 1997.

Look out for the section of the publication that details the reasons why you should choose a sealless magnetic drive pump. You will find many reasons plus an emphasis how improved magnet drive technology has enabled more efficient and powerful pumps to be built, along with advanced instrumentation, power saving features and containment options, increasing the application scope for this technology.

In addition to our very latest CSA and CSI pumps, the highly popular GSA and GSI models are also featured, along with high pressure, self-priming and vertical versions.  Accessories such as the ZeroLoss containment shell, VapourView gas in liquid detector etc, relevant to chemical and associated applications are also detailed.

To download a copy of the brochure please click here.

Save Space with GSPV


The vertically mounted GSPV pump provides all of the benefits of a magnetic drive sealless pump in a compact package that is particularly suitable for use where space is limited.

The GSPV meets all of the requirements of API 685 2nd edition, making it ideal for booster packages, pipeline injection, heavy duty chemical applications, monitoring and sampling packages, especially those where space is at a premium, such as offshore installations.

With a wide operating envelope of up to 40 Bar / 580 psi and flow rates up to 235 m³/hour /1250 gpm, the GSPV is available in nine hydraulics, which are split between two frame (magnetic coupling) sizes to suit different power requirements, with the option of ZeroLoss® shells in all configurations.

HMD also has a range of non-API vertical in-line units for use in various chemical and general industry applications. Further details can be seen at

A sister product, the LMV 801S, is also available, which is dimensionally interchangeable with the Sundyne LMV and VIP 801 pumps and will simply “drop-in” to existing pipework, making sealless upgrades possible without the need to modify pipe and foundation layout, to help meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.


Spare Kits to Maximise the Uptime of Your Sealless Pumps

The Aftersales engineering team at HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps has comprehensively analysed typical service procedures, maintenance requirements and common repairs to create a portfolio of spares kits that can be held at your installation or at HMD Kontro’s regional hubs for quick and easy servicing and repair of pumps onsite.  These include:

Service Kit – Contains bearings, gaskets, and O-rings for planned maintenance procedures.

Commissioning Kit – Consists of spare gaskets and O-rings that may be needed during the commissioning of a new installation.

Cartridge Kit – A drop-in cartridge containing all the wetted sealless pump parts, which just slots in without the need for a skilled operative.

Insurance Kit– A convenient package containing all of the commonly required spare parts to maximise uptime.

For more information about the spares kits and to receive a leaflet detailing the range, please call the HMD Kontro Aftersales team on +44 (0)1323 452154 or email

Sundyne LMV 801 Pump Upgrade

Sealed 2 Sealless to Meet Emissions Regulations

With ever more stringent emissions regulations, including those from such bodies as the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) a simple way to meet these increasingly difficult requirements, while also improving worker and site safety, is to replace existing mechanically sealed pumps and systems with leak-free- sealless magnetic drive pumps.  For vertical pump applications, including those to API 685, the LMV 801S provides an excellent alternative, which can often easily be installed into existing pipework.

Sealless pumps completely contain the liquid with no opportunity for leaks or emissions.  Maintenance is minimised and uptime is maximised plus there are no seals to replace and/or seal systems to replenish.  For particularly hazardous liquids, such as HF alkalis, secondary control and containment options can be incorporated and alternative materials used in the pump’s construction.

Convert Existing LMV 801 Pumps to Sealless Alternative

The LMV801S is dimensionally interchangeable with the Sundyne LMV 801 mechanical sealed pumps (which cannot be upgraded due to space constraints that prevent the use of an alternative cartridge seal).  It can be easily connected to existing pipework and foundations making an upgrade possible without the need for modification.  The LMV801S can also be used to upgrade from VIP 801 canned motor pumps.

A plug-in version of the pump is also available enabling the existing LMV 801 casing and diffuser to be left in the pipeline whilst replacing the mechanical seal drive with a sealless drive end.  The LMV 801S is also a popular choice to replace other existing vertical sealed pumps and canned motor pumps.

Click here to see the LMV801S Data Sheet

For more information about the LMV 801 and to find out about upgrading your existing pump, please contact us on +44 (0) 1323 452000 or email

The Sealless API Pump Solution

The HMD Kontro GSP heavy-duty API magnetic drive, end suction centrifugal pumps comply with specifications required by the oil, gas, petroleum and heavy chemical industries. Typically, the GSP range is used in toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallising and high value processes.

As with all HMD Kontro sealless pumps, the GSP range eliminate leaks for enhanced safety and environmental protection plus reduces servicing, maintenance and spare parts inventory to maximise process uptime, with no seals or seal support systems resulting in substantial cost savings over sealed alternatives.

The core GSP pump line consists of sealless horizontally mounted pumps covering a comprehensive hydraulic range split across four frame sizes with a number of synchronous magnet drives rated to match prime mover performance.  A corresponding range of torque ring drives is available for high temperature operation and recent developments include:


  • High Pressure – HPGSPCapable of easily handling system pressures up to 185 bar and higher dependent upon temperature extremes.


  • Vertical – GSPV:  Vertically mounted pumps providing all the benefits of a sealless pump in a compact package, requiring minimal floor space.


  •  Low Flow – GSPLF:  A low flow sealless pump with a relatively high head capability, combining Sundyne Barske Wheel hydraulics with the HMD Kontro magnetic drive.


  • Multi-Stage – GSPXAvailable in two or three stages with two diffuser based hydraulic options, to produce higher differential pressures.


  • Vertical Low Flow – LMV 801S:  A vertical variation of the GSPLF, the LMV 801S is conveniently dimensionally interchangeable with the Sundyne LMV 801 mechanical seal pump.


If you are searching for an API pump with total product containment, please contact us on +44 (0) 1323 452000 or email

Take a Test Drive of our GT

Available for Immediate Trial or Supply

Thanks to a change in circumstances, we have an extensive stock of component parts from which we can build up to forty of our popular, small in size – big on performance General Transfer pump.

As with a GT car, you can take a test drive!  Our stock means that we will be happy to build up a pump to your application and supply on a trial basis to your plant.  Alternatively, if you have an immediate requirement, and speed is of the essence, these pumps can be quickly supplied to you on a short lead time.

If you would like to see how sealless pumps perform, then this is your perfect opportunity.  You can experience the benefits of putting a GT on your fleet and seeing the many advantages of a magnetic drive pump.

The GT has been specifically designed as a compact, cost-effective and minimum maintenance pump. Sized below ASME / ISO dimensions, the GT has a number of features, which make it one of the most highly competitive pumps in its class, thanks to its simplicity of maintenance, space-saving design and interchangeability.

There is maximum interchangeability between spare parts throughout the range and with cartridge assemblies available, the rotating elements can be replaced quickly and economically. GT pumps are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from –40°C to +260°C / -40°F to +500°F.

Please contact your local HMD Kontro Channel Partner or call +44 (0)1323 452000 / email to book a test drive or order.

CS Magnetic Torque Ring Upgrade


The upgrade of the outer magnet ring on the CS pump range offers significant advances in magnetic coupling robustness leading to increased MTBF (mean time between failure), reduced downtime / increased uptime and increased operational efficiency.


The retro-fittable outer magnet ring (OMR) provides shielded magnets that retain the same level of performance and eliminate any potential for damage.  The new OMR has improved cyclic thermal duty whilst the identical coupling power produced means that the upgrade maintains similar performance to maintain reliability.


The encapsulated magnets on the OMR are made of samarium cobalt and have increased resistance in corrosive applications.  They also provide higher efficiency by reducing slip and improved reliability because no tie bolts are used in the retention of the magnets.


This upgrade is straightforward as no specialist tools are required and is recommended as the current magnets used in the CS pump are becoming obsolete and so no longer available as spare parts.


With increased safety due to there no longer being a remote possibility for the magnets to come into contact with the containment shell, this upgrade is recommended for all current CS pumps.


Download the Torque Ring Upgrade Leaflet for further information or contact our team to discuss how you can upgrade.

Power Control Monitor – The Best Way To Protect Your Pump

Pump shutdowns can be costly, not only in repair costs but also from loss of product and revenue.  Power Monitoring is one of the best ways to protect your pump from not only shutdown, but also system upset damage and equipment failure.


What Is A Power Control Monitor?

The PCM is a device that senses true power input and so almost all pumping conditions that typically damage pumps can be detected quickly and ultimately avoided. It is installed in line with the motor driver of a pump or other rotating equipment.


What Does A Power Monitor Detect?

  • Dry-running
  • High Flow / End-of-Curve
  • Low Flow / Back-of-Curve
  • Jammed Impeller
  • Increased Viscosity / Precipitation
  • Severe Cavitation
  • Deadhead / Closed Discharged Valve
  • Decoupling (Magnetic Drive Pumps)

Advantages & Benefits of Power Monitoring

Power Monitoring has clear advantages over current or amperage monitoring since the input power varies linearly across the entire motor load range unlike current monitoring where the current is almost constant up to 50% of the motor load range, which makes it very difficult to detect changes below 50%.

The Power Control Monitor is therefore, an extremely reliable and accurate detector of system changes and as such most pumping condition changes will be seen in input power fluctuations. The benefits include:

  • Virtually eliminates pump damage due to system upsets
  • Significantly reduces spare parts costs
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces service costs
  • Eliminates extra component and installation costs
  • Isolates dangerous high voltage exposure for workers
  • Provides feedback for troubleshooting operational problems



A Power Control Monitor will certainly protect your rotating equipment investment, minimising costly pump shutdowns and reducing your operating costs.  For more information, please call us on +44 (0)1323 452154 or email;

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GT Pumps – Small Sealless Pumps that are Big on Performance


Our General Transfer pumps definitely deliver in terms of versatility and value.

The GT pump has been specifically designed as a compact, cost-effective and minimum maintenance pump. It is sized below ASME / ISO dimensions and its features make it one of the most highly competitive pumps in its class. It delivers with simplicity of maintenance, space-saving design and interchangeability.

GT pumps benefits include:

  • Sealless – total product containment
  • Compact, modular/interchangeable design
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Minimal downtime/ Maximum uptime
  • Casing gasket fully confined to eliminate ‘blowout’ risk
  • A choice of ANSI and DIN flanges

The pumps are offered with a range of Synchronous Magnet Drives rated to match prime mover performance and are of close-coupled construction and can be supplied free standing or baseplate mounted. There is maximum interchangeability between spare parts and with cartridge assemblies available, the rotating elements can be replaced quickly and economically.

GT pumps can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +260°C / -40°F to +500°F.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 1323 452000 or email us

Ultra Safe Pumps with Secondary Containment

Sealless, magnetic drive pumps are safe, very safe in fact, but if further protection is required, in order to be ultra-safe, secondary containment is the design option of choice.

Our latest video explains how secondary containment works in much more detail so take a look and find out why HMD Kontro Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps are trusted to be ultra-safe for a wide variety of hazardous, flammable, toxic and explosive liquids.

For further information about how secondary containment can work for you, why not book a discussion with the experts at HMD Kontro or our relevant Channel Partner.

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