New Chemical Industry Brochure

HMD Kontro, part of Sundyne, are proud to be innovators when it comes to the safe and efficient handling of toxic and dangerous fluids within the chemical industry.

Our sealless magnetic drive pumps can handle high temperatures, high pressures and volatile, corrosive, carcinogenic and aggressive substances found within chemical pump applications such as chlor-alkali, solvents, inorganic chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilisers, and many others. Providing total fluid containment with no seals or seal support systems, HMD Kontro pumps deliver the highest levels of safety and environmental protection.

Chemical Industry Brochure

Our new chemical brochure showcases the wide range of chemical service sealless pumps available from HMD Kontro and ANSIMAG and is also available to view and download.

The brochure includes details of our recently expanded HMD Kontro CSI ISO metallic sealless chemical service pump range, alongside the recently launched ANSIMAG ALI ISO ETFE-lined sealless pump.  Together, HMD Kontro and ANSIMAG offer an extensive range of ISO compliant sealless magnetic drive pumps for a wide variety of challenging chemical processing applications.

To view and download the new brochure, please see the Brochures section in our Resources hub.

ACHEMA in August

See us on the Sundyne stand

If you can drag yourself away from the beach or that vacation in the countryside, then please join us at the ACHEMA exhibition, which is being held in Frankfurt Germany between the 22nd and 26th of August. You can find us on the Sundyne stand, Number D7 in Hall 8.

ACHEMA Sundyne

We will be showcasing the CSA / CSI range, which is the latest addition to the HMD Kontro portfolio. The modular design of these pumps not only ensures secure and safe operation, as with all of our sealless magnetic drive pumps, but they also provide the benefit of simple servicing, minimal maintenance, easy upgrades and maximum part interchangeability for low-cost operation, along with full compliance to the applicable ASME / ISO standards.

The CSI ISO pump range has recently been expanded with additional models to extend the operational envelope. The range is now available in 13 x Frame 1 sizes, providing hydraulic coverage to flows of 120 m3/hr and heads up to 62 m, with a further 16 x Frame 2 sizes being released later this year.

Alongside the CSA / CSI, the recently introduced ANSIMAG ALI range will also be on show. Also conforming to ISO requirements, the ALI offers similar benefits to the CSI, but with an ETFE-lined construction, making it particularly suitable for use with corrosive chemicals.

You will be able to discuss the complete Sundyne portfolio for chemical and petrochemical applications with our team at ACHEMA. To register to attend the event please see the ACHEMA website. We hope to see you there.

WeCare – A New Addition To The HMDBe Programme

The future and success of HMD Kontro is reliant on the efforts of our talented team. We therefore place a lot of emphasis on the health and wellbeing of our workforce. Consequently, in 2018, we incorporated wellness into our company structure with the HMDBe programme. This is a comprehensive support programme to ensure employees stay fit, healthy and happy that is available to all staff.

WeCare Programme


WeCare is an exciting new initiative

We are continually looking to improve and enhance the scheme and to this end have just added an exciting new employee benefit, namely WeCare. This is a brand new initiative designed to support the workforce.


A support service that is available 24/7/365

WeCare is available around the clock 24/7, which gives access to an online GP, as well as a mental health support service, a get fit programme and more. It provides direct access to a UK-based doctor by way of a video call, avoiding the need to visit a doctor’s surgery. Private prescriptions are also available via this service. Also up to ten counselling sessions are available to help manage any mental health challenges.


Experts can be contacted via phone, tablet or desktop

WeCare is really accessible and experts in wellbeing, physical and mental health can be contacted using a phone, tablet or desktop. Advice is available on giving up smoking, losing weight, drinking issues as well as counselling. And that’s not all! The service is also open to family members residing at the same address.


WeCare is available for the HMD Kontro team. Check out the careers section for more information.

Battery Manufacturing

Sealless Application Information: Magnetic Drive pumps help meet the demand for high safety levels within the global battery manufacturing industry.

The battery manufacturing industry is experiencing unprecedented changes in demand, where the pursuit of production capacity, improved battery performance, new technologies, and profitability are at the forefront of future industry thinking.

Global battery manufacturers are looking to produce reliable and high-performing lithium-ion batteries and one area of concern is the safety of plant workers during a manufacturing process that involves the handling of aggressive chemicals.

Battery Manufacturing


As specialists in the provision of magnetic drive pumps, in industries where performance and environmental integrity are key, HMD Kontro has a keen understanding of these manufacturing priorities. Our sealless magnetic drive pumps provide an effective alternative to traditional mechanical seal pumps, offering multiple benefits ranging from leak-free operation to minimal maintenance requirements.

For each of our global battery manufacturing clients we ensure that we meet all aspects of their manufacturing needs:

  • Careful handling of flammable, combustible, or toxic chemicals
  • Reliable solutions that deliver high operational uptime and require minimal maintenance
  • Responsive and flexible global supply with quick delivery capability to worldwide manufacturing plants
  • Compliance to industry standards including ASME B73.3, ISO 2858 / 15783, API 685 and ATEX

HMD Kontro pumps are compatible with a range of process liquids, including aggressive liquids and solvents that require careful handling plus an important need for sensitivity to the environment in which they are used.

For more information on how HMD Kontro’s sealless pumps can integrate into battery manufacturing production methods and provide reliable, durable, and safe liquid pumping solutions, please see our dedicated Battery Manufacturing page.

29 Models Now in the CSI Range

With the recent expansion, our CSI range of chemical and industrial service pumps to ISO standards, now numbers 29 different models, with additional hydraulics and a wider variation in the inlet and outlet sizes allowing for much increased operational options.

CSI Chemical Service Pump Range Expansion

Continuing the Modularity benefits of the CSI, including Versatility, Reliability, Efficiency, Safety, Serviceability and Availability, the range is now available in 13 x Frame 1 and 16 x Frame 2 sizes, allowing for a wider range of flow rates of up to 12m3/h and heads up to 62 metres.

Meeting the ISO dimensional and construction standards 2858 and 15783 the expansion of the CSI range means that we continue to offer a world-class chemical pumping solution for the ISO markets. Allowable flange loadings imposed by the pipework are in accordance with ISO 5199.  Meanwhile, the sister CSA range caters for ASME requirements.

For further details, please see our dedicated web page, where you can download literature, including both the brochure and the technical profile for the CSI, watch a video and listen to a podcast on the original development of the range. Alternatively, please contact us for further information.

CSI chemical service pump range expands to meet demands of global ISO market

With the introduction of additional models to our CSI chemical service pump range, we are expanding our ISO sealless magnetic drive pump offering and meeting the needs of an even wider range of chemical pump applications.

The CSI chemical service sealless magnetic drive pump range has been expanded to include additional models, providing comprehensive hydraulic coverage with a total of 13 Frame 1 and 16 Frame 2 sizes.   Meeting ISO dimensional and construction standards 2858 and 15783, the expansion of the CSI range has focused primarily on additional hydraulics and a feature set which allows greater variation in the inlet and outlet sizes, allowing a wider range of flow rates of up to 120 m3/h and heads up to 62m, all optimised for high performance.

CSI Chemical Service Pump Range Expansion

HMD Kontro’s CSI sealless pumps set the standard for metallic magnetic drive ISO pumps.   With space-saving close-coupled or separately mounted/long coupled configurations, the CSI range is specifically designed to handle aggressive, corrosive, or acidic liquids in chemical applications.  With zero leaks or product emissions, the CSI magnetic drive pump is well suited to many of the pumping services found within these chemical facilities including the processing of chlor-alkali, agricultural chemicals, fine and inorganic chemicals, isocyanates, plastics, and polymers. Also, within other manufacturing industries such as battery manufacturing, water and wastewater, and petro-chemicals.

“The expansion of the CSI range ensures that we can continue to offer a world class chemical pumping solution for the ISO markets with not only the highest levels of robustness in the field but with an enhanced customer driven feature set. We can also maintain maximum pump configurability with rapid availability regardless of the specification needed” explains Hannah Verrall, Product Line Manager, HMD Kontro.

The CSI range is engineered specifically to deliver high performance and superior safety when pumping hazardous fluids.  Key benefits of the CSI and other HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps include:

  • Total fluid containment providing better environmental protection and operator safety
  • No seals or support systems eliminating possible leakage and resulting pump downtime
  • Dimensionally interchangeable options for existing installations for a more simplified procurement and commissioning process
  • Global availability and full online selection and configuration capabilities

In addition, the CSI range comes with a wide range of additional features that can be selected especially for applications requiring an additional layer of protection including Secondary Control/Containment, and the ZeroLoss containment shell, which significantly improves efficiency.

Complimenting the HMD Kontro CSI line is the new Ansimag ALI line of non-metallic lined sealless magnetic drive pumps.   All Ansimag wetted parts are moulded ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoro Ethylene) components that can safely handle a wide range of corrosives and solvents without corrosion.

For more information, please visit our CSI Frame 1 sealless pump page.

Off To A Flying Start At Brands Hatch

The life of a racing driver may seem glamorous on the track, but to prepare a car for tip top performance requires a lot of work behind the scenes. For the second year running, HMD Kontro is delighted to be sponsoring one of our team, Neil Jessop, Test Engineer, in this season’s Modified Ford Series, with his car displaying the company logo and branding.

Neil’s 1978 Mark 2 Ford Escort has been completely refitted with modern racing components. He has had a particularly busy winter, not only in his day job at HMD Kontro, but also in his role as chief mechanic, as well as the driver, for his racing car. Any improvements to the car are all down to Neil himself!

He has been undertaking a lot of work modifying the suspension geometry on the car with a view to finding more grip on the track. This involved fabricating some new parts and buying others with a lot of time spent setting the car up in the workshop. Time constraints didn’t allow Neil to test the car before his first race and so he admits it was a bit of a lottery to how the car would perform.

Just over a month ago, Neil raced at the famous Brands Hatch track and it was a huge relief that the car felt good immediately in the qualifying round. The car had increased grip, which he had hoped for. Neil managed to qualify in third position overall.



The slightly complicated racing format at this weekend meant Neil started on Pole for his first race, as he had been the fastest car in his class. With some skillful driving, Neil had a great race and finished in second position overall. It took a 700bhp Ford Escort Cosworth from a higher class to beat him. And that doesn’t count!

In the second race Neil was second on the grid and took the lead right from the start. Although he was overtaken after a lap, some expert driving meant he finished third overall, which was another class win.

“Overall a great weekend for me. The car was totally reliable and performed better than I could possibly have expected.” Said Neil.

He has already got off to a winning start and HMD Kontro would like to wish him every success this year and. We look forward to updating you with all his racing news. And of course, don’t forget if you want a great day out, why not go along and support Neil racing his shiny black 1978 Ford Escort Mark 2 classic car. It really stands out with its new livery including red and yellow stripes and white HMD Kontro branding.


Here are the links for the onboard footage from both races.

Think Sealless Smart

Why sealless pumps are the smart choice

Magnetic drive sealless pumps have many key design features for increased reliability, cost-effectiveness, enhanced safety and are very environmentally friendly. In addition magnetic drive pumps save time and cost on design, installation and operation.


By specifying an HMD Kontro sealless pump you can be absolutely positive that you have made the right decision. Combining cutting edge technology with over seventy years of expertise and experience, since we were the first in the world to develop the concept, our pumps provide complete peace of mind.

  • Completely Contained Sealless Design
  • Single Joint Casing and Containment Shell
  • High Efficiency Magnetic Couplings & Wet End
  • Modular Rotating Element Cartridge
  • Fully Confined Casing Gasket
  • Robust Magnetic Coupling
  • Wide Choice of Materials
  • Universal Connection Options
  • Interchangeable Components

HMD Kontro pumps are built to last.  We have many examples of extended pump life across our seventy year history, we have more experience than any other manufacturer. In many installations, HMD Kontro have run without maintenance for ten years and often even more.

In most HMD Kontro pumps we use silicon carbide bearings, a material so hard that under normal process and conditions it will not wear for many years. When you add permanent samarium cobalt magnets and the unique way we engineer our pumps, this results in a very long service life with minimal maintenance and cost.

Think Sealless – Please visit

Sealless & API Standards

The API (American Petroleum Institute) standards are used to define systems, tests and equipment design predominantly for the oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical industries. Whilst API 685 relates to sealless magnetic drive pumps, API 610 covers the requirements of mechanically sealed pumps.

Sealless API Standards


The API 685 Standard is for Sealless Pumps

The scope of the API 685 standard covers the minimum design, testing, dynamics, and metallurgical requirements for sealless centrifugal pumps.  Included are single stage pump designs for magnetic drive pumps of both synchronous and eddy-current / torque ring drive designs and as well as canned motor pumps.

API 685 was initially released in October 2000 and standardises the application of sealless pumps in petroleum, heavy-duty chemical and gas service industries.

HMD Kontro has been building sealless magnetic drive pumps for oil and gas associated industries to API codes since 1983 and has a long association and history with the standard. The second edition of the standard came out in February 2011 and HMD Kontro pumps fully conform to this updated version.

For further information on our comprehensive GSP range of pumps including vertical, or high-pressure versions, please see the GSP product page.

Think Sealless Survey – Final Chance to Win £100

Please take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire.

All good things must come to an end and that is true of the Sealless Survey. The final date to submit an entry and be included in the free prize draw is fast approaching, Saturday 30th April 2022.

Remember, all entrants to the Sealless Survey before the end of April 2022 will be entered into the prize draw, and three lucky people will be selected at random to win £100 (or the local currency equivalent) in Amazon gift cards.

Think Sealless Survey

The completed surveys we have received so far have been incredibly useful to us in knowing what you love about sealless pumps and the questions you may have.

Thank you to all those that have taken the time to complete the survey. We will be assimilating all the data and using the results to further improve our sealless pumps as well as publishing the results and replying to any questions raised directly.

Think Sealless – Complete the Sealless Survey today

Think Sealless Survey – The Take to Date

Survey Still Open

Thank you to those that have completed our ‘Sealless Survey’, which seeks to assess operators’ experience and to establish specifier and user priorities in terms of the benefits of sealless pumps.  The survey is still open for a few weeks for others to input and advise their opinion.

Sealless Survey Results

Early indications reveal that the primary uses stated for sealless pumps at present is for chemicals (87% of respondents) and industrial applications (46%). Collectively 52% of respondents would also consider sealless pumps for upstream or downstream oil and gas processes.

When asked which attributes of sealless pumps were considered important, specifiers cited safety as a key factor, closely followed by environmental concerns.

Process operators highlighted a range of fluids where safety is an issue, including hot fluids or high temperature processes and acids – ranging from mildly acidic to sulphuric acid and HF acid. Confidence too, was seen as a major factor, in respect of assuring zero leaks and preventing failures or breakdowns.

Additionally, with no need for seal support systems and reduced instrument wiring and configuration requirements, the magnetic drive design is easier to install and maintain, an important consideration for specifiers, with reliability and low maintenance on the list of attributes recognised as key by early survey respondents.

To find out more, please take a look at the full article featured on page 19 of the IPE March-April magazine. This can also be seen on the Industrial Pant & Equipment website.


Be a part of it

There is still time to contribute your views. The survey, which takes very little time to complete, can be accessed at Sealless Survey – HMD (

To demonstrate our thanks for helping with the research, we are offering those who complete the survey the chance to win one of three £100 (or local currency) Amazon vouchers. All responses will be put forward for the draw, which will be made at the end of April.

Syngenta puts safety first by selecting sealless pumps for their fluid handling needs

HMD Kontro has become a manufacturing partner and chemical pump supplier to Syngenta, the global agricultural group and leader in crop protection and seed improvement.

Syngenta Case Study

As part of a programme of manufacturing upgrades at their facility based in Porriño, Pontevedra, Spain, Syngenta made the decision to install HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps due to their ability to handle high temperatures and volatile substances, which are attributes associated with agricultural chemical pump applications such as pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilisers.

In this case, the pumping medium is Tefluthrin, which is a hazardous substance and active ingredient in soil pest treatments, and HMD Kontro supplied a CSI chemical service pump, in corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel materials and in a space-saving close coupled configuration.  The sealless magnetic drive pump design, which ensures total product containment, means that the CSI pump selected safely transfers liquids from the reactor to the storage tank, together with a constant recirculation of the chemical within the storage tank.

Syngenta also chose the optional feature of a secondary control system and a leakage sensor to achieve additional pump protection and leak control beyond the primary pressure boundary of the pump. In the unlikely event of a breach of the primary containment shell, leakage of the process liquid to atmosphere is restricted by the secondary control system providing an enhanced level of safety.

To see the full case study, please click here.

For more information on the CSI range of magnetic drive sealless pumps, please visit the products section of our website.

Sealless & ISO Standards

The International Organisation for Standardisation is an independent organisation that oversees, creates, and promotes internationally accepted standards for numerous industries, ranging from agriculture and manufacturing to technology. ISO safety symbols are recognised across all countries and in all languages for increased hazard awareness and safety compliance.

Think Sealless Standards ISO


  • The ISO 15783 standard specifies the requirements for sealless rotodynamic pumps which are mainly used in chemical processes, water treatment and the petrochemical industries. It includes design features concerned with the selection, installation, maintenance and operational safety for magnetic drive pumps.
  • The ISO 2858 Standard refers to all end suction centrifugal pumps and specifies the main parameters and the pump designation. It details the principal dimensions, mounting details and nominal duty point of end-suction centrifugal pumps having a maximum operating rating of 16 bar.
  • The ISO 5199 standard specifies performance requirements including minimum bearing life and construction features such as general layout. In some aspects, including maximum permissible vibration levels, ISO 5199 is more stringent than ASME B73.1.

HMD Kontro pumps comply with all relevant aspects and specifications of ISO pump standards.  In addition, our manufacturing and business processes also comply with ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards. Additional details are shown on the certification and compliance page of our website.

For further information on HMD Kontro sealless pumps built to the ISO standards, including the CSI, GSI and GTI ranges, please take a look at the products section of our website.

Latest Sealless Pump design tackles HF Alkylation

Hydrofluoric acid alkylation poses particular challenges to process operators, requiring special care in the handling of HF Acid, a lethal, highly corrosive fluid that poses a potential hazard to plant equipment, the people who work on site and the wider environment should a leak occur.

HF Alkylation

HF Alkylation combines olefins (primarily a mixture of propylene and butylene) with isobutene in the presence of a hydrofluoric acid catalyst to produce alkylate: a high-octane additive and critical safety component that offsets the high vapour pressure of the ethanol mandated in today’s low-sulphur unleaded petrol and gasoline supplies.

As reviewed online by World Pumps, HMD Kontro’s next generation pumps have been refined using new materials and technologies to provide an effective solution. The result of close collaboration between UOP Honeywell, the leading licensor of HF alkylation technology and using an innovative development process, the HMD Kontro HF pump features a high integrity pump casing manufactured from Alloy C22 (ASTM A194 Gr. CX2MW).

This has been tested using new methods of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) and has been proven to offer the necessary resistance to corrosion to meet NDE standards. In addition, the pump’s secondary containment system is rated to 40 bar (580 psi), eliminating the possibility of leakage into the environment, and reducing operational risks and the associated costs to meet the industry’s stringent environmental and health and safety goals.

Read the full story on the World Pumps website. For more information, please see our HF Alkylation page.

The Life And Times Of A Racing Driver

HMD Kontro is delighted to be sponsoring our team member Neil Jessop again this year in the Modified Ford Series. Motor racing is an expensive sport and Neil says the financial support he gets from the company is a huge help. The series is growing every year and the provisional calendar, consisting of nine races has already been published with the first race at Silverstone scheduled for 20 March. The racing is starting much earlier than last year, so it must be a good sign that we are moving on from Covid.

The Life And Times Of A Racing Driver


Changing the suspension geometry for faster lap times

During the racing season Neil admits that there are always mechanical issues with the car, some more major than others, with some jobs being able to be put off until winter. These include issues that are either not that critical or an improvement is required that will be a big job and cannot be fitted in between meetings. This means Neil has been working through the small jobs over the winter period. He has also had his hands full changing the suspension geometry of his Ford Escort, to quite a large degree, involving new suspension components and altering the car itself to make it all fit. This is aimed at giving the car more grip on the track for even faster lap times.


Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Donington and Snetterton

Neil is hopeful he will be racing at the first meeting although he is currently on the reserve list for the event at Silverstone, as the grid is oversubscribed. His plans include racing at six of the meetings, namely:

  • Silverstone – 20 March
  • Brands Hatch – 9-10 April
  • Donington – 28 May
  • Snetterton – 23-24 July
  • Brands Hatch – Ford Power Live – 18 Sept
  • Brands Hatch – Formula Ford Festival – 22-23 October

This means he will only be missing out on Knockhill, Cadwell Park and Oulton Park, which are the races that are furthest away from Neil’s base in East Sussex.


Staying fit and eating healthily are all part of the job

Neil puts a lot of effort into staying in shape, as he believes this gives him an advantage over his fellow competitors. That hundredth of a second can make the difference between winning and losing! He also believes if you get tired during a race, you can lose concentration and make mistakes. The secret to staying fit is actually enjoying it and Neil has been participating in CrossFit for many years. This is a combination of strength and conditioning which involves Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and more. CrossFit advocates sound nutrition and Neil incorporates a good diet into his healthy lifestyle.


The mechanics of the Ford Escort

Although Neil’s Ford Escort is a classic, everything on it is built to modern specifications. The engine is a modern all aluminium 2 litre machine that you would typically find in a new Ford Focus or Mondeo. However, it has been rebuilt to include lots of racing parts to produce around 280bhp. The car has a 5 speed racing gearbox with the shock absorbers having been custom built by an American company.


Wheels and tyres designed for speeds of 140mph

The wheels are custom alloys specially designed for the car. Tyres are Avon racing slicks, which take up a big part of the budget, but are worth the expense as they make a massive difference to the performance of the car. They are the only bit touching the track so all the other modifications would be wasted if inferior tyres were used and with speeds reaching up to 140mph, depending on the circuit, good tyres are a must. The tyres actually cost £360 each and last for about three to four meetings depending on the circuit surface with some race tracks being more abrasive than others. Another salient factor on wear and tear is the weather with hot conditions causing tyres to lose their edge more quickly.


Before and after a race

The pre race procedure usually involves travelling the day before the race and staying in a hotel close to the circuit. As you might expect, a lot of Neil’s friends are keen on racing so he has help when going to an event. However, even when things go well at the race, there is still a lot to do including some fine-tuning before the next race, but hopefully no major mechanical work.


HMD Kontro wishes Neil every success in the Modified Ford Series

We would like to wish Neil every success this year and we look forward to hearing all his racing news. We aim to keep you informed throughout the season and of course if you are near to any of the circuits, we hope you might go along to support Neil racing his shiny black 1978 Ford Escort Mark 2 classic car. It really stands out with its new livery including red and yellow stripes and white HMD Kontro branding.

Time to Vote

For HMD Kontro in the Pump Industry Awards 2022

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we had been shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious 2022 Pump Industry Awards – one of the pump industry’s leading annual events. The voting has now opened, and you are now able to cast your vote.

Time to Vote

The voting is only open for a short time and will close on Friday 25th February 2022. Your votes will be coupled with the overall ranking as established by the Judging Panel for each entry to determine the eventual winners.

HMD Kontro was selected as a finalist following a review by a panel of experienced industry experts and is competing in the ‘Environmental Contribution of the Year’ category with our CSA/CSI range of pumps. The range that is designed to protect people and the environment from hazardous liquids whilst maintaining product integrity.

The 2022 Awards will conclude with the Gala Award Dinner which will take place on 31st March at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, UK.

Demonstrate your support for HMD Kontro’s sealless pumps by voting for us online. You can read our supporting entry and register your vote on the Pump Industry Awards website.

CSA/CSI Hydraulic Line-Up

A broad range of hydraulic sizes for a wide range of applications

The CSA (ASME) and the CSI (ISO) magnet drive end suction centrifugal pumps are a modular range of chemical pumps that cover a wide range of hydraulics. Initially, the CSA / CSI pump range will provide comprehensive hydraulic coverage for flows up to 64 m3/hr / heads to 60 m for the CSA (ASME), and 130 m3/h / 60 m for the CSI (ISO). This will be extended to flows up to 600 m3/h and heads to 140 m with the next phase of the product launch later in 2022.

CSA CSI Hydraulic Line Up

The range is based on multiple hydraulic sizes that fully conform to the dimensional, performance and construction requirements of ASME B73.3, ISO 2858 and ISO 15783. Close coupled and separately mounted variants are available across the entire range.

The broad choice of hydraulics ensures that a wide range of applications are catered for, and for convenience and ease of onsite service, this scope of hydraulic sizes is designed for maximum part interchangeability.   The range also has a wide number of site upgradeable features.

The high efficiency hydraulics provide maximum flow and head coverage.  Low and high flow hydraulic variants are available for an optimised hydraulic fit.

Please see the dedicated CSA / CSI section of the website to learn more about the range.

Environmental Award Finalist

HMD Kontro’s CSA/CSI range of pumps has been shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious 2022 Pump Industry Awards, one of the pump industry’s leading annual events.

The CSA/CSI range has been nominated under the ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRIBUTION OF THE YEAR Category. This award is given to pump products, systems or services which have made a significant contribution to environmental issues, such as energy savings, emissions control, noise reduction or life cycle costs.

HMD Kontro was selected from among the many entries received for this year’s Awards following a review by a panel of experienced industry experts.

HMD Kontro - PIA Finalists

Voting opens on 21st February and will run until 25th of February. The overall winner will be determined by a combination of the Judging Panel’s score, coupled with the number of online votes received. The 2022 Awards will conclude with the Gala Award Dinner which will take place on 31st March at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, UK.

Developed to meet the specific challenges of the chemical and industrial process sectors, the CSA/CSI pump range is designed to protect people and the environment from hazardous, corrosive or toxic liquids, where product integrity cannot be compromised.

Among the many features incorporated into the CSA/CSI range, and increasingly important in product choice, is the ZeroLoss containment shell, which is available as an alternative to the traditional metallic design. Improved hydraulic efficiency and power savings of up to 25% are delivered by reduced induction losses.

Also important to the range’s environmental credentials is the availability of secondary sealing control measures, both for compliance purposes and to provide enhanced safety measures as a further backup in very hazardous processes. HMD Kontro offers a choice of either secondary control or secondary containment options, available across the entire CSA/CSI range, for both close coupled and separately mounted design configurations.

Demonstrate your support for HMD Kontro’s sealless pumps by voting for us online. You can read our supporting entry and register your vote from the 21st February on the Pump Industry Awards website.

JOSCAR Approved

Cross Sector Accreditation for HMD Kontro

We are pleased to advise that we have been approved to join the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR). View our JOSCAR approved certification. The accreditation mark is used by some of the largest purchasers in high end procurement and indicates that we have demonstrated commitment and appropriate credentials.  JOSCAR covers company capability, information security, corporate social responsibility, financial history and ethical operations.

JOSCAR Approved

JOSCAR is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information.  Registration on JOSCAR is only available by the invitation of a buyer on the system.

JOSCAR allows prime contractors to confidently trade with pre-qualified suppliers via access to a central supplier database. To obtain accreditation, companies are assessed on a wide criteria and range of appropriate business parameters including product safety and quality, health and safety, environmental and sustainability, IT security, anti-bribery and corruption, counterfeit materials, insurance and third-party certification.

JOSCAR membership improves the efficiency of both the supplier and the buyer by ensuring that companies only use products and solutions of the highest quality and that comply with best practices.

Being a member of JOSCAR provides further assurance that the products and service we provide are of the highest quality and comply with industry standards. For further information, please contact us.