Modular Bearing Housing – New Design Gives Multiple Benefits

A new Modular Bearing Housing is being supplied on Frame 1 HMD Kontro GSP (API 685) pumps (with the larger Frames 2 and 3 soon to be available). This housing can also be retrofitted to existing GSP pumps with no modifications, so bringing multiple benefits to previous installations.

A larger sump capacity, increased by 15%, improves lubrication, enabling the pump to be operated at lower temperatures, whilst oil mist and oil bath systems can now both be utilised.  Other advantages include:


  • No Overfilling: A new angled position for the oil filler port means that there is no possibility of overfilling, especially as other ports can be security tagged when blanking plugs are used.  The housing also has an overflow port, for added overfill protection.  A constant level oil filler can also be used.  Also, as a result of the new design, the following lubrication systems can be utilised:

Oil Bath & Vent (Standard)

Purge Oil Mist
Closed Loop Oiler

Provision For Pure Oil Mist

Pure Oil Mist

Provision For Purge Oil Mist


  • Outboard Oil Seal Options: The new modular design means that the following alternative inboard and outboard oil seals can be utilised including:



Oil Bath  Oil Mist
Labyrinth (As standard) Inpro VB45U
Labtecta OP66 IsoMag
Inpro VB45S


  • Secondary Containment: The availability of a pressure-tested version of the Modular Bearing Housing allows for the provision of secondary containment and secondary control either now or in the future.


  • Integrated Sensor Ports: A range of ports are incorporated into the housing to allow for relevant probes to be utilised, including for vibration, oil mist and temperature sensors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


The new Modular Bearing Housing is a simple upgrade path for GSP pumps, with no modifications, allowing operational benefits for your HMD Kontro GSP sealless pump.

Further Key Benefits of the Modular Bearing Housing include:

  • Modular design for maximum interchangeability of parts.
  • Provision for bearing temperature monitoring included.
  • Reduced pump downtime thanks to maintenance time savings.
  • Upgrade is completed quickly and easily onsite.
  • No special tools required for upgrade or maintenance.

To download a copy of the leaflet please click here. To maximise your uptime, please contact HMD Kontro’s highly skilled Aftersales Technical Support Team who have vast experience in the operational aspects that customers may encounter during the lifecycle of sealless pump installations.

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