Think Sealless – HOW You Can Save Money by Using Magnetic Drive Sealless Pumps

It’s not difficult to see how you can save money by using magnetic drive sealless pumps. You can expect savings from concept to completion of your project and beyond in the areas of capital outlay, installation, documentation, project management and, importantly, operating costs.

They require minimal maintenance and monitoring and, because of their modular construction, servicing onsite is easy and straightforward. You won’t need any special tools for maintenance, and the stock of spare parts and inventory is reduced due to common components, resulting in lower operational costs.

Lower service and maintenance costs

It’s easy for pump service and maintenance costs to mount up, but magnetic drive pumps from HMD Kontro have a simple design and no complex seals or sealing systems to support, meaning maintenance is kept to a minimum. In addition, the pumps can be repaired onsite and the cartridge can be replaced in just 20 minutes using basic tools.

Benefits in terms of savings

  • Greater automation and less demand on staff time
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • No repair or replacement of seals and bearings
  • One self-contained cartridge assembly for easy servicing
  • MTBF is typically 3x that of sealed pumps

The right choice for more reasons than the lifetime cost

All in all, there are substantial savings with sealless magnetic drive pumps in terms of reduced servicing, their diversity in terms of what can be pumped, and reduced demands on staff time. By design, sealless technology is the right choice for situations involving high temperatures, high pressures and volatile substances.

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