It Can Take The Heat! The CS Sealless Pump For Heat Transfer in Hot Oil Systems

A Unique Sealless Pump for Heat Transfer in Hot Oil Systems

Isolating the pump from the heat source has usually been essential in a hot oil system.  However, thanks to its unique torque ring, our CS pump requires no cooling fluids or heat exchangers during operation.

The CS Sealless Pump is the perfect choice

The pump is totally self-venting and the magnetic coupling is immersed in the hot oil. Not only that, the torque ring design offers a built-in soft start for viscous liquids, and the energy created adds to the efficiency of the system.

Simple to operate and maintain, cost-effective to run and capable of operating up to 350°C / 660°F without cooling as standard (a 450°C/842°F option is available on request), this all makes the HMD Kontro CS sealless pump the ideal choice.

Benefits of the CS Pump

  • Ideal for heat transfer liquids
  • Sealless design provides total product containment
  • No product cooling required for temperatures up to 350°C / 660°F as standard
  • One fully confined Casing Gasket to eliminate ‘blowout’ risk
  • Built-in soft start feature, which is ideal for viscous start up

In addition, the torque ring drive positively contributes to the efficiency of the hot oil system and the CS can also be used in toxic, aggressive, hot, crystallising and high value processes.

Now with Longer MTBF for Increased Operational Efficiency

The recent upgrade of the outer magnet ring (OMR) on the CS range now offers significant additional advances in magnetic coupling robustness, leading to increased MTBF (mean time between failure), reduced downtime / increased uptime and increased operational efficiency.

The OMR upgrade maintains similar performance and maintains reliability

The retro-fittable OMR provides shielded magnets that retain the same level of performance and eliminate any potential for damage.  The new OMR has improved cyclic thermal duty whilst the identical coupling power produced means that the upgrade maintains similar performance to maintain reliability.

The encapsulated magnets on the OMR are made of samarium cobalt and have increased resistance in corrosive applications.  They also provide higher efficiency by reducing slip and improved reliability because no tie bolts are used in the retention of the magnets.

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