HMD Kontro Engineers Help to Plan GSCE Science Curriculum

Andrew Mann and Colin Poole recently attended an Engineering Science workshop, hosted by IMechE on 24th July where the purpose was to help to bring engineering to life in the secondary school curriculum. The experienced engineers from HMD Kontro working alongside the Mastery Science Team (the facilitators) aimed to create new and innovative resources for school children taking GCSE science, whereby materials would be provided that were suitable for years 7 and 8 in the main subjects of Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Theoretical And Practical Sessions

 Theoretical science was on the morning agenda followed by more practical laboratory / classroom exercises in the afternoon. Each topic had two set scenarios with the teams assigned to explore and propose possible solutions to each, which would be voted on at the end of the session so that this could be developed further by the Mastery Science Team for inclusion into the future GCSE syllabus.


Playground Equipment For Exploring

The HMD Kontro engineers used playground equipment to work on a unit exploring forces, which was widely accepted as a strong contender for future development. Andrew and Colin are very much hoping that their work and ideas will progress to the next stage.

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