CSA / CSI Range – Safety

Secondary Control & Containment Options for Complete Confidence

The CSA and CSI ranges of ASME and ISO sealless pumps provide complete containment of the liquid being pumped as standard.  However, some situations and some regulations demand an even higher level of protection, which can be offered by a secondary level of control or containment.

CSA / CSI Safety

Fully compliant to ASME requirements and available on both close coupled and separately mounted configurations, providing a secondary level of control or containment gives further enhancement of the pump and product integrity leading to even higher environmental, health and safety protection.

Suitable for use throughout the CSA / CSI pumps operating temperature limits, the provision of a secondary housing designed for up to 275 psi / 18.9 bar pressure, provides additional security to guard against a breach in the primary pressure boundary.  This is particularly useful for those processes involving highly hazardous materials.

In keeping with the modularity of the CSA and CSI range, secondary control and containment is available as a site upgradable feature allowing standard pumps to be enhanced at a later date.

For further information and to watch a video on secondary containment, please click here. Please see the CSA / CSI section of our website for further details.