WeCare – A New Addition To The HMDBe Programme

The future and success of HMD Kontro is reliant on the efforts of our talented team. We therefore place a lot of emphasis on the health and wellbeing of our workforce. Consequently, in 2018, we incorporated wellness into our company structure with the HMDBe programme. This is a comprehensive support programme to ensure employees stay fit, healthy and happy that is available to all staff.

WeCare Programme


WeCare is an exciting new initiative

We are continually looking to improve and enhance the scheme and to this end have just added an exciting new employee benefit, namely WeCare. This is a brand new initiative designed to support the workforce.


A support service that is available 24/7/365

WeCare is available around the clock 24/7, which gives access to an online GP, as well as a mental health support service, a get fit programme and more. It provides direct access to a UK-based doctor by way of a video call, avoiding the need to visit a doctor’s surgery. Private prescriptions are also available via this service. Also up to ten counselling sessions are available to help manage any mental health challenges.


Experts can be contacted via phone, tablet or desktop

WeCare is really accessible and experts in wellbeing, physical and mental health can be contacted using a phone, tablet or desktop. Advice is available on giving up smoking, losing weight, drinking issues as well as counselling. And that’s not all! The service is also open to family members residing at the same address.


WeCare is available for the HMD Kontro team. Check out the careers section for more information.

Think Sealless – Standards

Pumps using sealless technology can be supplied to the relevant international standards including API, ASME, ANSI and ISO. These relate to the compliance of pumps and their components in regard to efficiency, dimensions, design, testing and dynamics. You can be sure of complete compliance as our magnetic drive pumps are built to the relevant standards, without deviations. The manufacturing and design of HMD Kontro pumps is also fully in accordance with ISO 9001.

Think Sealless Standards


ASME Standards

ASME is the registered trademark of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the leading international developer of codes and standards associated with the art, science, and practice of mechanical engineering. ASME B73.3 is the ASME specification for sealless horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps for chemical processes. This standard applies to horizontal, end-suction, overhung, radially split, single-stage sealless pumps and defines both dimensional and best-efficiency head and capacity parameters (ASME B73.1 is the equivalent specification for mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps).


ISO Standards

This is the International Organisation of Standards and is an independent organisation that oversees, creates, and promotes internationally accepted standards for numerous industries.

ISO 15783 is this standard specifies the requirements for sealless rotodynamic pumps which are mainly used in chemical processes, water treatment and petrochemical industries. It includes design features concerned with selection, installation, maintenance and operational safety of the pumps.

ISO 2858 is an international standard and refers to end suction centrifugal pumps and specifies the main parameters and the pump designation. It specifies the principal dimensions, mounting details and nominal duty point of end-suction centrifugal pumps having a maximum operating rating of 16 bar.

ISO 5199 specifies a variety of performance requirements including minimum bearing life and construction features such as general layout and seal configurations.


API Standards

API sets the standards in the oil & gas pumping industries.  The API (American Petroleum Institute) standards are used to define systems, tests and equipment design and are predominantly used in the oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical industries. Pumps that meet these standards are some of the highest quality available in industry.

API 685 relates to sealless centrifugal pumps for use in petroleum, heavy duty petrochemical and gas industry services and covers the requirements for both magnetic drive and canned motor pumps (the equivalent API 610 standard relates to mechanically sealed pumps in the same industries).


You can read more about the individual standards for sealless pumps and to which we work on our Certification & Compliance page. Think Sealless. For more information about our sealless pumps and their adherence to international industry standards, please browse the rest of our website.

CSA/CSI Availability

Pumps available on short lead times

The CSA / CSI magnetic drive pump range is a product line that has transformed how we approach pump order fulfilment to meet the needs of chemical and other industrial process customers.

The CSA / CSI pumps are specifically designed for ease of configuration and build. In addition, they feature maximum part interchangeability, and benefit from reduced inventory, ease of onsite installation, maintenance, servicing and upgrade, making them even more versatile.

The innovative modular design of the CSA / CSI pump range enables them to be rapidly supplied from stock in a variety of configurations to suit your application. Meanwhile, our Channel Partners can now select, build and deliver CSA / CSI pumps within shorter periods to meet your delivery needs and expectations.

The CSA/CSI pumps are available now from a network of trusted reseller HMD Kontro Channel Partners across the world, fully supported by in-house component stocks at HMD Kontro.

For more information, please see the CSA/CSI section of the website that includes detailed product specifications and please contact us for details of where you can purchase for delivery on short lead times or with any questions.

Think Sealless in 2022

Make This The Year You Think Sealless

Why wouldn’t you?! Given the significant benefits, many of which also make them the sustainable choice, isn’t it time to Think Sealless pumps?

With the removal of process leaks and all of the dangers and hassles that can result, minimal maintenance, reduced staff time and skill requirements for pump operation, longer MTBF and more uptime, magnetic drive sealless pumps offer an ideal solution.

Think Sealless in 2022

Any previous myths and misgivings about sealless pumps have been addressed. Efficiency has been improved with the HMD Kontro ZeroLoss containment shell, reliability issues and dry-running are prevented by a range of protective instrumentation options, short lead times have been provided with the modular CSA / CSI range and if you want to be really, really safe, secondary control and containment options are available.

Make this your resolution. To Think Sealless in 2022 for that next new pump project. Happy New Year. Please see

Sealless Survey – Win a £100.00 Amazon Gift Card

Whilst at HMD Kontro we live and breathe sealless, magnetic drive pumps, now seems a good time to pause and ask you to help us understand what you think, to give us a better understanding of whether you and the market, in general, are thinking sealless?

Whatever you know or don’t know, we are very happy to learn either way. We are looking for those who are familiar with and users of sealless pumps, and those who don’t know them at all or may find them a little unfamiliar.

Sealless Survey

To encourage you to complete the short questionnaire, we are giving three people that respond an Amazon Gift Card worth £100.00 (or the local currency equivalent). Names will be drawn from all those that have entered when the survey is complete.

It will only take a few minutes and you can remain anonymous if you wish. So please click the button below to get going.  We would love to hear your views and thank you in advance for your valued input, opinions and answers.

Sealless Survey

Think Sealless Skills

How Sealless Pumps Save on Staff Time and Costs

Staff and people are a major cost of any operation. The need to employ the necessary number of people and their skill level can mean the difference between a plant being economic or too expensive to run. This key factor can be evidenced by the way that production has moved to parts of the world where employment costs per hour are lower.

Due to the simplicity of a magnetic drive sealless pump, the ease of commissioning and minimal maintenance requirements means that not only are less people required but also that significantly less specialist skills are needed. This makes them eminently suitable for plants in areas where skilled people may not be readily available.


The minimal maintenance also means that less man hours are required per servicing and for any routine requirements.  Even when specifying sealless pumps less design time is needed, with fewer HAZAOPS considerations, less system documentation and minimal specification of instrumentation.

To save staff time and costs, Think Sealless. Please see

Horizon Art Exhibition

Featuring the works of Gertruda Caitar and Caoimhe McDonnell

Poster Horizon


HMD Kontro is delighted to be once again sponsoring an art exhibition featuring the works of our team members Gertruda Caitar and Caoimhe McDonnell.

  • Date: 11-12 December 2021
  • Venue: Hellingly Community Hub
  • Address: The Drive, Hellingly, East Sussex, UK, BN27 4EP
  • Time: 09.30 -21.00
  • Event Opening: 11 December 16.00 – 17.00
  • Admission: FREE

Gertruda Caitar started working for HMD Kontro in July 2018. Currently, her position involves production planning. This includes dealing with projects, predicting how long a project will take to complete, developing a production schedule, detailing tasks and monitoring the project’s progress. In her spare time, she loves to paint.

Caoimhe McDonnell joined HMD Kontro in October 2019 and works in the Aftermarket Department in sales support and customer service and particularly enjoys the international aspect of her work. In her spare time she is an artist and photographer.

Gertruda is an artist who tries to create stories, telling them with colours and passion. Time is not defined in some of the paintings so it’s up to viewers to transport themselves into the story. From dissociated shapes to realistic images, the paintings invite the viewer to discover, to ask, to find out and of course to enjoy. Gertruda uses alternative mediums, which allow different ideas to be expressed, all depending on her mood.

GC Painting Clock

Above: Gertruda Caitar’s Clock Painting 

As an artist and photographer, Caoimhe is attracted to the hidden and unexpected. Her images are not always conventional as she tries to use what she can see to describe what is more difficult to capture. An example would be looking at coastal erosion as a way of thinking about and illustrating national identity. Both can seem very fixed and permanent but, in fact, they are in a constant state of change. Caoimhe usually works in themes and loves to bring what is sometimes overlooked into the centre or to find and share new perspectives.

Gertruda and Caoimhe are good friends although they approach their work differently and have contrasting aesthetic styles. This exhibition is their first chance to collaborate on a project as friends and colleagues.

So why not discover the stories behind Gertruda’s and Caoimhe’s drawings, paintings and photographs? Come along to the Hellingly Community Hub on 11-12 December. You might even find that special present for a relative or friend.

HMD Kontro is proud to be active and involved in the local community around our headquarters in Eastbourne. For more information, please see our other blog posts.

Industry Insight – Channel Partner Advisory Board

Across the past couple of days, we have been hosting a Channel Partner Advisory Board here in Eastbourne. The meeting has been primarily focused on our activities in the chemical and industrial market across Europe and covered the complete Sundyne product portfolio including HMD Kontro, Ansimag, Sunflo and PPI.

Industry Insight


The meeting took place at a venue on the seafront and included a visit to and tour of the HMD Kontro head office and manufacturing facilities. We welcomed representatives from five different channel partners as well as also broadcasting to two more who attended remotely. Senior personnel from Sundyne including the CEO, Mary Zappone, also flew over from the US to join us.

Meeting with multiple channel partners in one space provided the perfect opportunity to discuss new market activities and developments including an insight into a new product we are releasing in the first quarter of the new year. It also allowed for our channel partners to provide feedback on how Sundyne is performing and to suggest recommendations as to how we can continuously improve our operations.

The information received gives us an invaluable insight into the actions to implement in support of our partners and customers going forward.  It has been a productive couple of days and has been a joy to welcome representatives and fellow personnel to Eastbourne.

Fastest Ford

HMD Kontro Engineer Neil Jessop Wins At Brands Hatch

Ford Power Live returned to Brands Hatch for a special day’s entertainment devoted to one of the planet’s great automotive manufacturers on 18/19 September. Entertainment on and off the circuit was Ford themed and included a busy race programme featuring two grids from the Modified Ford Series.

Fastest Ford


A ‘must attend’ event for Ford enthusiasts

Ford Power Live is the newest and most exciting event to arrive at Brands Hatch. It entered the calendar in 2017 and for enthusiasts it quickly became a ‘must attend’ event. It arrived at Brands Hatch in 2019 with a race timetable and track sessions. And on the starting grid this year in his Modified Ford was none other than HMD Kontro’s test engineer Neil Jessop driving his Ford Escort with the HMD Kontro logos.


Fastest in qualifying to take pole position

In the B Class, Neil clocked the fastest lap in qualifying. Wow! This gave Neil pole position in his shiny black Ford Escort with the HMD Kontro branding prominent to all the spectators. Unfortunately, the track was slightly greasy, so Neil wasn’t able to set a new lap record, but was naturally delighted to be quickest. However, he does hold the lap record of 51.141 seconds, which was set at this event in 2019.

Race 1 went well and despite a clutch issue he was able to stay at the front throughout and win. He was pretty pleased with that as you can imagine! And on his favourite race track too! Unfortunately, the clutch issue was too bad to take part in Race 2 so he had to watch from trackside. That must have been tough!


Ford Fair at Silverstone

Neil was also at Ford Fair at Silverstone on 8 August. This was not a competitive event, but more of an opportunity to showcase the Modified Ford Series. The event proved to be a big success with a lot of coverage of the cars on and off the track.


Fast Ford magazine profiles Neil Jessop

The Modified Ford Series also featured in the December issue of Fast Ford magazine. If you are into fast Ford cars, then this is the ‘must read’ magazine as it’s packed with features on cars and the latest news, with this issue featuring individual profiles on some of the drivers including Neil.


Roll on 2022 for the next Modified Ford series

The season is now finished for Neil in terms of racing but he’s not taking the winter off as he is already working on improvements for next year. He reports that it’s nothing major that needs doing to the car, just small tweaks that will hopefully make a difference. As a competitive racing driver, he is always trying to go faster and of course that fraction of a second could make all the difference.

There is also more good news as the 2022 racing calendar has been released and is looking good. Neil is planning to take part in as many races as his budget will allow. It’s an expensive hobby including transportation and maintenance costs.

The team at HMD Kontro congratulates Neil on a really successful season and we hope that the car goes even faster next year.


Further details about Neil’s racing in his modified Ford series have been shared previously on the HMD Kontro blog in both the ‘Fasten your seatbelts! The view from inside Car 63‘ and ‘On The Grid‘ posts.

Think Sealless Safety

Why sealless pumps are safe and secure

Minimising the impact of manufacturing and other operations on your staff plus the local and wider environment is an essential, legal and a moral obligation.


Any leak is a potential hazard. Sealed pumps, by their operation, are designed to leak. They often also require seal support systems, which have the need to be maintained and topped up on a regular basis.

Sealless pumps are self-contained. The pumped product or liquid is completely enclosed within the body of the pump. The containment shell provides a complete mechanical barrier, preventing leaks, escapes and emissions. There is no reliance on any external system or method of leak prevention.

Lower-cost alternatives often require additional systems and ancillaries, all of which also have the potential for leakage, spillage and cross-contamination. Some even require that the recovered liquid that has been emitted, for example, across the seals, be captured and disposed of safely, which in itself incurs further restrictions.

Health & safety is everybody’s responsibility, from the production and maintenance staff on the shop floor right up to the members of the board.  Magnetic drive pumps are hermetically sealed  eliminating the risk of leaks or emissions and so offering significant health and safety advantages. For further details please see

Reliability: Sealless Technology for reliability, efficiency and performance

The CSA/CSI Frame 1 range of sealless end suction centrifugal pumps incorporate the very latest magnet drive pump thinking and technology.  The CSA/CSI pumps maximise uptime while delivering cost savings through improved performance and enhanced efficiencies.

The robust construction of the pumps ensures longevity and faultless performance, with excellent resistance to corrosion and the ability to withstand operation in extreme environments.  Other technological benefits include:

  • Containment Shell: Integration of the Zeroloss composite shell / shroud, reducing or eliminating induction losses in the metallic containment shell and enhancing reliability.
  • Internal Magnet Ring: The design features a non-sparking, inner magnet ring bumper that protects the magnet ring from making contact with the pressure vessel.
  • Temperature Probe: The fit and location so it sits closer to the source reducing the time it takes for the probe to identify a temperature change and report back to instrumentation.
  • VapourView: Ports enable the fitting of VapourView; providing real time condition monitoring and forewarning users of adverse conditions that could jeopardise system functionality, ensuring early intervention and remedial action can be taken.

CSA CSI Reliability

To find out more about the CSA/CSI product design and access detailed specifications, please see the CSA/CSI section of our website.

The CSA/CSI pumps are available from a network of trusted reseller HMD Kontro Channel Partners across the world, fully supported by an in-house After Market team. From assistance with installation and commissioning through to helping you optimise operating efficiency and spare part inventories; our experts are available to help.

For more information including detailed product specifications, please see the CSA/CSI range section of our website, then contact us for where you can purchase or with any questions.

Sealless Pump Protection

As is the case for both sealed and sealless pumps, the main causes of magnetic drive pump failures are process-related. Most are caused by inadequate lubrication of the pump internal bearings and overheating as a result of process-related upset conditions, such as:

  • Closed suction or discharge valve (dead-heading)
  • Dry running or low flow
  • Cavitation or vapour in the pump
  • High flow overload

To protect and extend the life of a sealless pump, various instrumentation is options are available to monitor power, temperature and liquid conditions. Those available from HMD Kontro, as examples, include VapourView, a revolutionary gas in liquid detector, and power control monitors and temperature sensors.

Monitoring Device Locations

Please see the Monitoring & Measuring page for info on the numbers identified in the graphic.


VapourView, which is an innovative non-intrusive instrument, monitors the amount of vapour present in the pumped liquid, providing an early warning of adverse conditions that could lead to pump failure.

Power Control Monitors measure absorbed power and trip the pump if the power falls outside of the set limits, protecting against a range of upset conditions including no / low or high flow.

Temperature sensors are also available, to measure the temperature at the containment shell providing an early indication of process or mechanical problems.

The installation of one or more of the above instrumentation options will help prevent the vast majority of magnetic drive pump failures. You can find out more about the instrumentation that is available on our Sealless Smart page.

NEW Product Line Manager

Hannah Verrall has recently been appointed to this role having previously been in the position of Aftermarket Manager. Hannah takes over from the previous Product Line Manager, Darren Martin who has been promoted to become the Strategic Account Manager for the Chemical Team. Hannah will be responsible for developing and executing product development roadmaps, which encompasses marketing and pricing strategies aimed at growing market share. She is keen to align HMD Kontro product development with the target market.

Hannah Verrall

Hannah already has a strong working relationship with the internal HMD Kontro internal team, the sales team and customers. She is eager to develop these relationships further through virtual and face-to-face meetings.

In 2012, Hannah joined HMD Kontro as a postgraduate having studied at Cardiff University. Hannah believes she brings a range of skills to her new role, which have evolved through her nine years of experience with HMD Kontro. Previously, she spent six years in Applications, proposing pump packages to a wide range of users, and three years as Aftermarket Manager where she enjoyed supporting customers and solving problems.

Her first goal is to assist with the successful roll-out of the latest product line, namely the CSA/CSI chemical service pump range. She will also be keen to identify and put forward business plans for other product opportunities. Here she is looking forward to working with the New Product Development team more closely, collaborating with the commercial team on HMD Kontro product introductions and getting to grips with the marketing side of operations.

So how do Hannah’s colleagues describe her? Positive, approachable, friendly, motivational, a dynamic thinker and efficient – all the attributes that will pay dividends in her new position.

Think Sealless? – Do you? And what do you think?

Whilst at HMD Kontro we live and breathe sealless, magnetic drive pumps, now seems a good time to pause and ask you to help us understand what you think to give us a better understanding of whether you and the market in general are thinking sealless?


We are on a quest to find out about your views, preferences, and thoughts on sealless pumps and your answers will be extremely helpful to us.

Whatever you know or don’t know, we are very happy to learn either way.  We are looking for those who are familiar with and users of sealless pumps, and those who find them a little unfamiliar, but might like to know more, because a sealless pump may be relevant in the future.

It will only take five minutes and you can remain anonymous if you wish. So please click the button below to get going, we would love to hear your views and thank you in advance for your valued input, opinions and answers!

Sealless Survey


CSA / CSI Pumps for On-Site Service

Interchangeable Components and No Hot Working

On-site serviceability has been incorporated, as a key benefit, within the design of the CSA / CSI range of ASME and ISO pumps. Negating the need for any hot working or the use of special tools.

The silicon carbide internal bearing system of the CSA and CSI pumps is fully site serviceable.  In addition, a single piece bush holder enables optimised internal bearing alignment.

CSA / CSI Pumps for On-Site Service

The CSA / CSI range has been designed with maximum interchangeability of components between pumps across the range, so minimising parts inventories and stockholding for further cost savings.

Eliminating the need of any hot working or special tools means that most of the service and maintenance can be undertaken on site. This further contributes to cost savings as it also minimises production downtime, maximises uptime, resulting in improved productivity and profitability.

Please see the dedicated CSA / CSI section of the website to learn more about the range.

Are You Thinking Sealless?

Recent Press Articles Discuss the Think Sealless Initiative

Are You Thinking Sealless?

Recent articles in the specialist processing press discussing the Think Sealless concept demonstrate the versatility across different applications for liquid handling. Depending on which sector you work in, you can select from the links below to read an article appropriate to your industry:

If you have not experienced the use of sealless pumps previously, then consider them for your next application. Recent technological advances have made them even more efficient and versatile.

It is time to Think Sealless. The above articles provide further information, but additional details can be found in our Think Sealless section of the website.

Compact and Vertically Mounted – The GSPV is a Highly Engineered Upgrade Solution

As industry leaders in magnetic drive pump technology, the HMD Kontro range includes the vertically-orientated GSPV, a magnetic drive sealless pump that requires minimum floor space and offers a sealless upgrade solution to vertical inline pump installations. Highly configured, yet meeting standard API 685 requirements, the GSPV has been engineered with a high attention to detail, thereby offering a strong alternative to conventional mechanical sealed pump designs.

In a recent webinar, Charlie St Laurence explains how improved magnetic drive technology has increased the application scope for vertical inline sealless pumps.

With nine hydraulics split between two frame sizes, and a standard design pressure of up to 40 bar /580 psi, the GSPV is ideal for offshore installations where space is at a premium and for crude oil, pipeline or fuel terminals’ he explains.

When planning a new pump installation or an upgrade at an existing site, the opportunity to switch from sealed to sealless brings significant cost savings and wider benefits.

How does the GSPV deliver technically?

  • Utilises a closed impeller and radial diffuser
  • Rated to 40 bar/580 psi
  • Max temp 205 C/401 °F
  • Radial Diffuser offering High and Low flow versions
  • Dimensionally compliant to BS4082
  • CMC thrust bearing material comprising of a silicon oxy-carbide matrix with continuous carbon fibre reinforcing.
  • Compatible with ZeroLoss Shell (meaning no coupling power loss)

How easy is it to take advantage of the GSPV upgrade and replacement opportunity?

The GSPV presents the perfect opportunity to make the migration to sealless, to simplify installations and to make cost savings. With a longer MTBF, and no bearing box required meaning no potential oil leaks, a GSPV replacement can overcome common problems and troubles users have consistently outlined with mechanical seals. For more information on the GSPV, and to listen to a full webinar presentation, please see the video below.


Think Sealless – Simple Servicing

Why sealless pumps are simple to service and maintain

Thanks to a modular construction and the ability to dismantle HMD Kontro sealless pumps without special tools, periodic servicing and maintenance of magnetic drive pumps on-site is simple and straightforward.


The simple design of HMD Kontro sealless pumps also means that they are usually site repairable with minimal maintenance skills required. Other benefits include:

  • No complex seals or sealing systems.
  • Easy cartridge replacement.
  • Only basic tools are needed.
  • No need for vibration monitoring.

The unique HMD Kontro cartridge design means minimum spares. Indeed, the modular construction and many common components, such as the liquid end bearings, means less spare parts stock and inventory for further reduced operational costs.

Reduce your servicing skillsets and make savings. Think Sealless. Think HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps.

Stuart Pugh Retires After 36 Years With HMD Kontro

We couldn’t let Stuart Pugh go without a bit of a send-off. He has after all been with HMD Kontro for 36 years and certainly deserves his retirement.

On a recent Friday evening, Stuart thought he was just going to the Eastbourne United Football Club for a couple of beers with some close colleagues. But in true HMD Kontro style, we had other plans!

Stuart Pugh

We wanted to give him a great send-off. The staff were informed of the event and they didn’t disappoint and came along to raise a glass to a well-liked colleague. It certainly was a big surprise for Stuart, which he really enjoyed.

Over the years, Stuart worked at the Unigate Dairy as a Maintenance Engineer before joining us as a Centre Lathe Turner in 1985. He was only with us for sixteen months before joining a rival pump manufacturer. That didn’t last long and Stuart was back with HMD Kontro in 1987 and has stayed ever since.

We would like to wish Stuart a long and happy retirement. We understand he is looking forward to spending more time with his family and beloved motorbikes.