Sundyne LMV 801 Pump Upgrade

Sealed 2 Sealless to Meet Emissions Regulations

With ever more stringent emissions regulations, including those from such bodies as the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) a simple way to meet these increasingly difficult requirements, while also improving worker and site safety, is to replace existing mechanically sealed pumps and systems with leak-free- sealless magnetic drive pumps.  For vertical pump applications, including those to API 685, the LMV 801S provides an excellent alternative, which can often easily be installed into existing pipework.

Sealless pumps completely contain the liquid with no opportunity for leaks or emissions.  Maintenance is minimised and uptime is maximised plus there are no seals to replace and/or seal systems to replenish.  For particularly hazardous liquids, such as HF alkalis, secondary control and containment options can be incorporated and alternative materials used in the pump’s construction.

Convert Existing LMV 801 Pumps to Sealless Alternative

The LMV801S is dimensionally interchangeable with the Sundyne LMV 801 mechanical sealed pumps (which cannot be upgraded due to space constraints that prevent the use of an alternative cartridge seal).  It can be easily connected to existing pipework and foundations making an upgrade possible without the need for modification.  The LMV801S can also be used to upgrade from VIP 801 canned motor pumps.

A plug-in version of the pump is also available enabling the existing LMV 801 casing and diffuser to be left in the pipeline whilst replacing the mechanical seal drive with a sealless drive end.  The LMV 801S is also a popular choice to replace other existing vertical sealed pumps and canned motor pumps.

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