NEW Product Line Manager

Hannah Verrall has recently been appointed to this role having previously been in the position of Aftermarket Manager. Hannah takes over from the previous Product Line Manager, Darren Martin who has been promoted to become the Strategic Account Manager for the Chemical Team. Hannah will be responsible for developing and executing product development roadmaps, which encompasses marketing and pricing strategies aimed at growing market share. She is keen to align HMD Kontro product development with the target market.

Hannah Verrall

Hannah already has a strong working relationship with the internal HMD Kontro internal team, the sales team and customers. She is eager to develop these relationships further through virtual and face-to-face meetings.

In 2012, Hannah joined HMD Kontro as a postgraduate having studied at Cardiff University. Hannah believes she brings a range of skills to her new role, which have evolved through her nine years of experience with HMD Kontro. Previously, she spent six years in Applications, proposing pump packages to a wide range of users, and three years as Aftermarket Manager where she enjoyed supporting customers and solving problems.

Her first goal is to assist with the successful roll-out of the latest product line, namely the CSA/CSI chemical service pump range. She will also be keen to identify and put forward business plans for other product opportunities. Here she is looking forward to working with the New Product Development team more closely, collaborating with the commercial team on HMD Kontro product introductions and getting to grips with the marketing side of operations.

So how do Hannah’s colleagues describe her? Positive, approachable, friendly, motivational, a dynamic thinker and efficient – all the attributes that will pay dividends in her new position.