Sealless Pump Protection

As is the case for both sealed and sealless pumps, the main causes of magnetic drive pump failures are process-related. Most are caused by inadequate lubrication of the pump internal bearings and overheating as a result of process-related upset conditions, such as:

  • Closed suction or discharge valve (dead-heading)
  • Dry running or low flow
  • Cavitation or vapour in the pump
  • High flow overload

To protect and extend the life of a sealless pump, various instrumentation is options are available to monitor power, temperature and liquid conditions. Those available from HMD Kontro, as examples, include VapourView, a revolutionary gas in liquid detector, and power control monitors and temperature sensors.

Monitoring Device Locations

Please see the Monitoring & Measuring page for info on the numbers identified in the graphic.


VapourView, which is an innovative non-intrusive instrument, monitors the amount of vapour present in the pumped liquid, providing an early warning of adverse conditions that could lead to pump failure.

Power Control Monitors measure absorbed power and trip the pump if the power falls outside of the set limits, protecting against a range of upset conditions including no / low or high flow.

Temperature sensors are also available, to measure the temperature at the containment shell providing an early indication of process or mechanical problems.

The installation of one or more of the above instrumentation options will help prevent the vast majority of magnetic drive pump failures. You can find out more about the instrumentation that is available on our Sealless Smart page.