Horizon Art Exhibition

Featuring the works of Gertruda Caitar and Caoimhe McDonnell

Poster Horizon


HMD Kontro is delighted to be once again sponsoring an art exhibition featuring the works of our team members Gertruda Caitar and Caoimhe McDonnell.

  • Date: 11-12 December 2021
  • Venue: Hellingly Community Hub
  • Address: The Drive, Hellingly, East Sussex, UK, BN27 4EP
  • Time: 09.30 -21.00
  • Event Opening: 11 December 16.00 – 17.00
  • Admission: FREE

Gertruda Caitar started working for HMD Kontro in July 2018. Currently, her position involves production planning. This includes dealing with projects, predicting how long a project will take to complete, developing a production schedule, detailing tasks and monitoring the project’s progress. In her spare time, she loves to paint.

Caoimhe McDonnell joined HMD Kontro in October 2019 and works in the Aftermarket Department in sales support and customer service and particularly enjoys the international aspect of her work. In her spare time she is an artist and photographer.

Gertruda is an artist who tries to create stories, telling them with colours and passion. Time is not defined in some of the paintings so it’s up to viewers to transport themselves into the story. From dissociated shapes to realistic images, the paintings invite the viewer to discover, to ask, to find out and of course to enjoy. Gertruda uses alternative mediums, which allow different ideas to be expressed, all depending on her mood.

GC Painting Clock

Above: Gertruda Caitar’s Clock Painting 

As an artist and photographer, Caoimhe is attracted to the hidden and unexpected. Her images are not always conventional as she tries to use what she can see to describe what is more difficult to capture. An example would be looking at coastal erosion as a way of thinking about and illustrating national identity. Both can seem very fixed and permanent but, in fact, they are in a constant state of change. Caoimhe usually works in themes and loves to bring what is sometimes overlooked into the centre or to find and share new perspectives.

Gertruda and Caoimhe are good friends although they approach their work differently and have contrasting aesthetic styles. This exhibition is their first chance to collaborate on a project as friends and colleagues.

So why not discover the stories behind Gertruda’s and Caoimhe’s drawings, paintings and photographs? Come along to the Hellingly Community Hub on 11-12 December. You might even find that special present for a relative or friend.

HMD Kontro is proud to be active and involved in the local community around our headquarters in Eastbourne. For more information, please see our other blog posts.