Think Sealless in 2022

Make This The Year You Think Sealless

Why wouldn’t you?! Given the significant benefits, many of which also make them the sustainable choice, isn’t it time to Think Sealless pumps?

With the removal of process leaks and all of the dangers and hassles that can result, minimal maintenance, reduced staff time and skill requirements for pump operation, longer MTBF and more uptime, magnetic drive sealless pumps offer an ideal solution.

Think Sealless in 2022

Any previous myths and misgivings about sealless pumps have been addressed. Efficiency has been improved with the HMD Kontro ZeroLoss containment shell, reliability issues and dry-running are prevented by a range of protective instrumentation options, short lead times have been provided with the modular CSA / CSI range and if you want to be really, really safe, secondary control and containment options are available.

Make this your resolution. To Think Sealless in 2022 for that next new pump project. Happy New Year. Please see