CSA/CSI Hydraulic Line-Up

A broad range of hydraulic sizes for a wide range of applications

The CSA (ASME) and the CSI (ISO) magnet drive end suction centrifugal pumps are a modular range of chemical pumps that cover a wide range of hydraulics. Initially, the CSA / CSI pump range will provide comprehensive hydraulic coverage for flows up to 64 m3/hr / heads to 60 m for the CSA (ASME), and 130 m3/h / 60 m for the CSI (ISO). This will be extended to flows up to 600 m3/h and heads to 140 m with the next phase of the product launch later in 2022.

CSA CSI Hydraulic Line Up

The range is based on multiple hydraulic sizes that fully conform to the dimensional, performance and construction requirements of ASME B73.3, ISO 2858 and ISO 15783. Close coupled and separately mounted variants are available across the entire range.

The broad choice of hydraulics ensures that a wide range of applications are catered for, and for convenience and ease of onsite service, this scope of hydraulic sizes is designed for maximum part interchangeability.   The range also has a wide number of site upgradeable features.

The high efficiency hydraulics provide maximum flow and head coverage.  Low and high flow hydraulic variants are available for an optimised hydraulic fit.

Please see the dedicated CSA / CSI section of the website to learn more about the range.