Sealless & API Standards

The API (American Petroleum Institute) standards are used to define systems, tests and equipment design predominantly for the oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical industries. Whilst API 685 relates to sealless magnetic drive pumps, API 610 covers the requirements of mechanically sealed pumps.

Sealless API Standards


The API 685 Standard is for Sealless Pumps

The scope of the API 685 standard covers the minimum design, testing, dynamics, and metallurgical requirements for sealless centrifugal pumps.  Included are single stage pump designs for magnetic drive pumps of both synchronous and eddy-current / torque ring drive designs and as well as canned motor pumps.

API 685 was initially released in October 2000 and standardises the application of sealless pumps in petroleum, heavy-duty chemical and gas service industries.

HMD Kontro has been building sealless magnetic drive pumps for oil and gas associated industries to API codes since 1983 and has a long association and history with the standard. The second edition of the standard came out in February 2011 and HMD Kontro pumps fully conform to this updated version.

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