New Chemical Industry Brochure

HMD Kontro, part of Sundyne, are proud to be innovators when it comes to the safe and efficient handling of toxic and dangerous fluids within the chemical industry.

Our sealless magnetic drive pumps can handle high temperatures, high pressures and volatile, corrosive, carcinogenic and aggressive substances found within chemical pump applications such as chlor-alkali, solvents, inorganic chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilisers, and many others. Providing total fluid containment with no seals or seal support systems, HMD Kontro pumps deliver the highest levels of safety and environmental protection.

Chemical Industry Brochure

Our new chemical brochure showcases the wide range of chemical service sealless pumps available from HMD Kontro and ANSIMAG and is also available to view and download.

The brochure includes details of our recently expanded HMD Kontro CSI ISO metallic sealless chemical service pump range, alongside the recently launched ANSIMAG ALI ISO ETFE-lined sealless pump.  Together, HMD Kontro and ANSIMAG offer an extensive range of ISO compliant sealless magnetic drive pumps for a wide variety of challenging chemical processing applications.

To view and download the new brochure, please see the Brochures section in our Resources hub.

ACHEMA in August

See us on the Sundyne stand

If you can drag yourself away from the beach or that vacation in the countryside, then please join us at the ACHEMA exhibition, which is being held in Frankfurt Germany between the 22nd and 26th of August. You can find us on the Sundyne stand, Number D7 in Hall 8.

ACHEMA Sundyne

We will be showcasing the CSA / CSI range, which is the latest addition to the HMD Kontro portfolio. The modular design of these pumps not only ensures secure and safe operation, as with all of our sealless magnetic drive pumps, but they also provide the benefit of simple servicing, minimal maintenance, easy upgrades and maximum part interchangeability for low-cost operation, along with full compliance to the applicable ASME / ISO standards.

The CSI ISO pump range has recently been expanded with additional models to extend the operational envelope. The range is now available in 13 x Frame 1 sizes, providing hydraulic coverage to flows of 120 m3/hr and heads up to 62 m, with a further 16 x Frame 2 sizes being released later this year.

Alongside the CSA / CSI, the recently introduced ANSIMAG ALI range will also be on show. Also conforming to ISO requirements, the ALI offers similar benefits to the CSI, but with an ETFE-lined construction, making it particularly suitable for use with corrosive chemicals.

You will be able to discuss the complete Sundyne portfolio for chemical and petrochemical applications with our team at ACHEMA. To register to attend the event please see the ACHEMA website. We hope to see you there.

WeCare – A New Addition To The HMDBe Programme

The future and success of HMD Kontro is reliant on the efforts of our talented team. We therefore place a lot of emphasis on the health and wellbeing of our workforce. Consequently, in 2018, we incorporated wellness into our company structure with the HMDBe programme. This is a comprehensive support programme to ensure employees stay fit, healthy and happy that is available to all staff.

WeCare Programme


WeCare is an exciting new initiative

We are continually looking to improve and enhance the scheme and to this end have just added an exciting new employee benefit, namely WeCare. This is a brand new initiative designed to support the workforce.


A support service that is available 24/7/365

WeCare is available around the clock 24/7, which gives access to an online GP, as well as a mental health support service, a get fit programme and more. It provides direct access to a UK-based doctor by way of a video call, avoiding the need to visit a doctor’s surgery. Private prescriptions are also available via this service. Also up to ten counselling sessions are available to help manage any mental health challenges.


Experts can be contacted via phone, tablet or desktop

WeCare is really accessible and experts in wellbeing, physical and mental health can be contacted using a phone, tablet or desktop. Advice is available on giving up smoking, losing weight, drinking issues as well as counselling. And that’s not all! The service is also open to family members residing at the same address.


WeCare is available for the HMD Kontro team. Check out the careers section for more information.