Peak Performance

Maximise pump operation, safety, reliability, uptime and ROI (return on investment) with Peak Performance, our new shared best practice initiative.Chemical and industrial applications demand consistent high performance from rotating equipment.  Our pumps meet the highest levels of quality and performance, often operating in the harshest environments. In addition, they are able to handle the challenges posed by extreme temperatures, high pressures, volatile, aggressive and corrosive liquids.

Our pumps are designed to provide peak performance while working under the harshest conditions, achieving the highest levels of reliability and safety. HMD Kontro magnetic drive pumps also deliver cost savings delivering long MTBF and more production uptime.

Our Peak Performance scheme, supported by our selected Channel Partners, provides a highly responsive, elite service-based solution, both on and off site so:

  • Reducing plant operational issues
  • Improving plant and personnel safety
  • Increasing mean time between failure
  • Improving pump reliability and efficiency
  • Reducing capital cost and maintenance spend
  • Maximising plant uptime and profitability

Hot, aggressive, volatile or valuable liquids being pumped around a plant represent risks to the health and safety of both plant personnel and the environment and so it is of the utmost importance that you know that the equipment is not only the best it can be when it is installed, but that it is also maintained, serviced and upgraded regularly to keep it operating at its peak performance and safety capabilities.

Through the Peak Performance initiative, we have combined our high quality pumps with the service, expertise, training, technology and innovative product upgrade offerings you need, to create an elite service solution and support network.  That is dedicated to sharing best practice by identifying and implementing pump and process solutions through on and off site servicing and maintenance, monitoring and reporting, with ongoing improvement recommendations.

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