Reliability: Sealless Technology for reliability, efficiency and performance

The CSA/CSI Frame 1 range of sealless end suction centrifugal pumps incorporate the very latest magnet drive pump thinking and technology.  The CSA/CSI pumps maximise uptime while delivering cost savings through improved performance and enhanced efficiencies.

The robust construction of the pumps ensures longevity and faultless performance, with excellent resistance to corrosion and the ability to withstand operation in extreme environments.  Other technological benefits include:

  • Containment Shell: Integration of the Zeroloss composite shell / shroud, reducing or eliminating induction losses in the metallic containment shell and enhancing reliability.
  • Internal Magnet Ring: The design features a non-sparking, inner magnet ring bumper that protects the magnet ring from making contact with the pressure vessel.
  • Temperature Probe: The fit and location so it sits closer to the source reducing the time it takes for the probe to identify a temperature change and report back to instrumentation.
  • VapourView: Ports enable the fitting of VapourView; providing real time condition monitoring and forewarning users of adverse conditions that could jeopardise system functionality, ensuring early intervention and remedial action can be taken.

CSA CSI Reliability

To find out more about the CSA/CSI product design and access detailed specifications, please see the CSA/CSI section of our website.

The CSA/CSI pumps are available from a network of trusted reseller HMD Kontro Channel Partners across the world, fully supported by an in-house After Market team. From assistance with installation and commissioning through to helping you optimise operating efficiency and spare part inventories; our experts are available to help.

For more information including detailed product specifications, please see the CSA/CSI range section of our website, then contact us for where you can purchase or with any questions.