Think Sealless Safety

Why sealless pumps are safe and secure

Minimising the impact of manufacturing and other operations on your staff plus the local and wider environment is an essential, legal and a moral obligation.


Any leak is a potential hazard. Sealed pumps, by their operation, are designed to leak. They often also require seal support systems, which have the need to be maintained and topped up on a regular basis.

Sealless pumps are self-contained. The pumped product or liquid is completely enclosed within the body of the pump. The containment shell provides a complete mechanical barrier, preventing leaks, escapes and emissions. There is no reliance on any external system or method of leak prevention.

Lower-cost alternatives often require additional systems and ancillaries, all of which also have the potential for leakage, spillage and cross-contamination. Some even require that the recovered liquid that has been emitted, for example, across the seals, be captured and disposed of safely, which in itself incurs further restrictions.

Health & safety is everybody’s responsibility, from the production and maintenance staff on the shop floor right up to the members of the board.  Magnetic drive pumps are hermetically sealed  eliminating the risk of leaks or emissions and so offering significant health and safety advantages. For further details please see